Evergreen id. 13

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    Dasylirion wheeleri

    Desert spoon

    Zone 7

    Long strappy leaves, leathery, sharp spines, blueish, leaves 2-3' long. Grows 3' high and wide.
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    Hesperaloe parviflora

    Red Flowering Yucca

    Zone 7

    Long leaf folds like canoe, threads curl off of leaf, blooms in spring-fall. Grows 2' high and wide.
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    Yucca filamentosa

    Adam's Needle Yucca

    Zone 4

    1" wide leaf ends in sharp spine, no thorns, thin tough leaf, comes in varigated forms, threads come off, really fibery, flowers in spring. Grows 1-2' high and wide.
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    Yucca elephantipes

    Spineless Yucca

    Zone 8

    Treeish like yucca, swollen base, very stiff sharp leaves, specimin for massing, flowers in the spring. Grows 15-20' high and wide.
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    Yucca brevifolia

    Joshua Tree

    Zone 8

    Small leaves, thin leathery leaves that are 10-12" long and ends in a point, flowers in the spring. grows 20-30' tall and 10-15' wide.
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    Yucca rostrata

    Beaked Yucca

    Zone 5

    Narrow leaves, ends in a point, blue, very tight ball form- leaves don't flop, treeish form, flowers in the spring. Grows 5-10' high and 2-3' wide.
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    Caesalpinia pulcherrima

    Red Bird of Paradise

    Zone 8

    Used for screening and as a specimin for flower and leaf, blooms in warm colors, red new growth (on some varieties), blooms spring-fall- likes heat, even bipinnate leaves, xeric. Grows 10' high and wide.
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    Carnegiea gigantea


    Zone 9

    Poster child of all cacti, will get sunscald if not planted in the exact same position (degree wise) as was growing in before, have to have special permit to use in the landscape. Tall cactus that has outstretched curving arms, takes a LONG time to grow. Grows 50' high and 2-5' wide.
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    Cerceus spp.

    Apple Cactus/ Cerceus Cactus

    Zone 9

    Multiple arms, woody, multi-ribbed, edible fruit, only blooms at night, blossom only lasts one day. Grows 40' tall and 10-15' wide.
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    Echinocactus grusonii

    Golden Barrel Cactus

    Zone 8

    Has yellow thorns, barrel shaped, specimin for habit and color. Grows 3' high and 2' wide.
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    Ferocactus spp.

    Fishhook Barrel Cactus

    Zone 8

    Reddish thorns, large hooking thorns- one major one in the middle of each grouping. Barrel shaped. Grows 3' high and 2' wide.
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    Opuntia spp.

    Prickly Pear Cactus

    Zones 4-9

    Rabbit ear cactus, large genera, specimin for look, forms red edible fruit, specimin for flower- flowers come in every color but black and brown. Growth varies depending upon the species.
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    Prosopis spp.

    Thornless Mesquite

    Zone 7

    Bipinnate even leaf, sap is used to make bbq sauce, xeric, dark brown trunk, twisty growth habit, specimin for habit, trunk, and sap usage.
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    Alsophila australis

    Australian Tree Fern

    Zone 10

    Large fern, tolerant of low light but prefers higher light, big circular scars on the base, fuzzy by the top, thin trunk, lacey pinnate leaf. Grows 20' tall and 5-10' wide.
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    Archontophoenix cunningamiana

    King palm

    Zone 10

    Stiff pinnate leaf, not as lacey, boot self cleaning- falls off, stripey greyish trunk, more uniform from self cleaning, green upper trunk area. Grows 50-60' tall and 10-15' wide.
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    Arecastrum romanzioffianum

    Queen palm

    Zone 10

    Very airy open pinnate fronds, stripey greyish trunk, elegant graceful look, heavily used as a street tree. Grows 50' tall and 20-30' wide.
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    Bauhinia spp.

    Orchid tree

    Zone 10

    Leaf round lily pad looking leaf, loads up in spring with a super fragrant pretty orchid looking flower. Grows 20-25' high and wide.
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    Brahea armata

    Mexican Blue Palm

    Zone 9

    Blue palmate fronds, tree, specimin for color. Grows 40' tall and 6-8' wide.
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    Caryota mitis

    Fish Tail palm

    Zone 10

    Bipinnate leaf, fish fin looking leaflets, makes for fluffy/lacey looking foliage. Grows 20-30' tall and 10' wide.
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