section 2 hush review

  1. JK Polk
    war with Mexico,west. Expansion, 54-40 or Fight
  2. StephenAustin –
    sold land in TX, imprisoned by Santa Anna
  3. SamHouston
    - led TX vs Mexico,first pres of Rep of TX.
  4. John
    -violent abolitionist. Harper’s Ferry, Pottowatomie Creek KS
  5. WT
    -USA general; burned Atlanta, “Sherman’s March”destroyed South’s morale
  6. Andrew
    pres after Lincoln.Easy on the south during Recon., impeached
  7. Thaddeus
    -Rad. Rep Senator during Recon, wants to punish South
  8. Charles
    -Radical-Rep Senator during Recon.
  9. Wilmot Proviso
    -attempted to stop westward spread of slavery, no slaveryin land from Mex War, didn’t pass
  10. Freeport Doctrine
    -Douglas’ ideas, popular sovereignty
  11. The North Star
    -Frederick Douglass’ abolitionist newspaper.
  12. “Bleeding Kansas”-
    violence there overPop. Sov.
  13. Free-Soil Party
    - stop spread of slavery
  14. Compromise of 1877
    - EndedReconstruction, election of Hayes, military removed from South
  15. Compromise of 1850
    -free CA, fugitive slave act strengthened
  16. Morrill Act
    - $ for land grant colleges, agricultural/technical schools
  17. Homestead Act
    -free farmland for those who move west, led to OklahomaLand Rush
  18. Wade-Davis
    Radical Repub. early plan for Recon. Doesn’t pass.
  19. Reconstruction
    Act of 1867-
    compromise plan, military districts in South
  20. Civil
    Rights Act of 1866
    - precursor to 14th Amendment, made blackcodes illegal
  21. Freedmen’s
    Early reconstruction offices in the south to guarantee freed slaves’rights and basic necessities
  22. Anaconda Plan-N
    N plan to choke S; Blockade ports,Control Miss river,Capture Richmond (capital)
  23. Ft. Sumter-
    beginning of CW
  24. Gettysburg –
    PA, farthest N the CSA advanced
  25. Vicksburg –
    N control of Miss R
  26. Antietam
    – Maryland.Bloody single day turning point
  27. San Jacinto-
    sneak attack on Santa Anna, forces him to sign TXindep
  28. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
    —ended Mex.War, western land from Mexicoto the US.1/3 of country. Manifest Destiny completed
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