GCSE Geography

  1. what are the benifits to the environment
    • natural environments and wildlfe are safeguarded
    • generates as little waste as possible and removes any waste that is created
    • has a minimal impact on the environment
    • visitors may carry new ideas back to influence their own environment
    • more people become aware of how the enviornment is destroyed and how it can be protected
    • it is sustainable
    • this tourism is seen as one of the major ways to preserve and protect remianing rainforests
  2. what are the benifits to the local people and economy
    65% of the Kapwi ecolodges employess are from the Achaur tribe . The buisness is supporting the local economy in a community which is only just getting used to earning money
  3. what are the benifits to the local people and economy - political struggle
    the ecolodge is finacing the Achuar's political struggle . Mony is given to the nationality of Achuar federation . The federation is using the money to protect its people and to campaign to prevent oil extraction in the territory
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