GCSE Geography

  1. complete destruction of
    environments , and resulting habitat losses in order to build hotels , roads and airports
  2. loss of rural peace
    and quiet which is replaced by urban activity and noise
  3. pollution problems from
    litter and untreated waste going into rivers and seas
  4. In game Parks drivers are keen to get as close to the animals as possible and
    leave the main tracks . The armies of minibuses surround and disturb animals
  5. In a dry season the
    grassland is turned into a dust bowl . Particuarly in the Maisai Mara , there is too high a concentration of visitors in too small an area
  6. It is under resourced for the important work it needs to do , and although many of the staff are
    well motivated poorly paid employees people with limited experience of the work are more likely to be open to bribery
  7. On buisness up to
    8000 tourists will be in the park leading to queus of 70 or more safari vans in the Park at peaks times
  8. wildlife numbers in the park are
  9. hotels use
    timber for furnishing and fires which cause deforestation
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