Chap 5-6

  1. Additur
    A motion made by a prevailing party in state court asking that the trial court award the plaintiff an additional sum of money because the jury's verdict is grossly inadequate
  2. res judicata
    once a valid judgment has been rendered on the merits in one jurisdiction the claims adjudicated in that lawsuir cannot be relitigated by the same parties in some other jurisdiction.
  3. Ripeness
    A case is ripe if it has developed sufficiently to be before a court for adjudication. It a lawsuit has been filed prematurely it is not ripe for adjudication.
  4. Political Question
    Political issues should be resolved by the politcal branches of government and not by the judicary.
  5. Demurrer
    motion to dismiss
  6. Motion to Dismiss
    A motion used to challenge perceived defects in the plaintiffs complaint
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Chap 5-6