MedTerm Sec 8

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  1. brady-
  2. endo-
  3. epi-
    upon, over, above, on top
  4. inter-
  5. peri-
    around, about
  6. tachy-
    rapid, fast
  7. tetra-
  8. angi/o
    blood vessel
  9. aort/o
  10. arter/o
  11. ather/o
  12. atri/o
  13. card/o
  14. coron/o
    crown or circle
  15. cyan/o
  16. ech/o
    to bounce, sound
  17. electr/o
  18. embol/o
    a plug
  19. hemorrh/o
    likely to bleed
  20. isch/o
    • to hold back
    • deficiency
    • blockage
  21. man/o
  22. my/o
  23. pector/o
  24. phleb/o
  25. pulmon/o
  26. rhythm/o
    • repetition
    • rhythm
  27. scler/o
    • thick, hard
    • sclera
  28. sept/o
    wall, partition
  29. sphygm/o
  30. sten/o
    narrowness, constriction
  31. steth/o
  32. tens/o
  33. thromb/o
  34. valvul/o
    little valve
  35. varic/o
    dilated vein
  36. vas/o
    blood vessel
  37. vascul/o
    little blood vessel
  38. ven/o
  39. ventricul/o
    little belly, cavity, ventricle
  40. -ac
    pertaining to
  41. -apheresis
  42. -ary
    pertaining to
  43. -dynia
  44. -gram
    a record
  45. -graph
    instrument for recording
  46. -is
    pertaining to
  47. -lytic
    pertaining to loosen, dissolve
  48. -megaly
    abnormally large
  49. rrhapy
  50. rrhexis
  51. -sis
    state of
  52. -spasm
    sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
  53. -stomy
    surgical creation of an opening
  54. aort
  55. arter
  56. atri
  57. card
  58. coron
    crown or circle
  59. cusp
  60. diast
    to expand
  61. pulmon
  62. syst
  63. thel
  64. vas
    blood vessel
  65. vascul
    little blood vessel
  66. ven
  67. ventricul
    little belly or cavity
  68. angina pectoris
    chest pain usually caused by an insufficient supply of blood to the heart
  69. angiospasm
    abnormal spasms of a blood vessel wall
  70. angiostenosis
    narrowing of a blood vessel
  71. arrhythmia
    any loss of rhythm in the heartbeat
  72. bradycardia
    an abnormally slow heart rate, usually under 50 beats per minute
  73. cardiodynia
    sensation of pain in the heart
  74. cardiogenic
    condition originating in the heart
  75. cardiomegaly
    abnormal enlargement of the heart
  76. cyanosis
    symptom in which a blue tinge caused by oxygen deficiency is seen in the skin and mucous membranes
  77. dysrhythmia
    disturbance or abnormality of the heart's normal rhythmic cycle
  78. palpitation
    an experience of pounding, racing, or skipping of the hearbeat
  79. tachycardia
    fast heartbeat
  80. aneurysm
    bulging of an arterial wall, caused by a congenital defect or an acquired weakness of the arterial wall produced as blood is pushed against it
  81. angiocarditis
    inflammation of the heart and blood vessels
  82. angioma
    tumor arising from a blood vessel
  83. arteriorrhexis
    rupture of an artery
  84. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of the arteries, in which the artery walls lose their elasticity and become brittle
  85. atherosclerosis
    narrowing of an artery due to the deposition of a fatty plaque along the wall
  86. atrial septal defect
    congenital condition characterized by an opening in the septum that separates the right and left atria, allowing blood to pass between them.
  87. atrioventricular defect
    a defect, usually congenital, that alters the structure of both an atrium and a ventricle
  88. cardiac arrest
    cessation of heart activity
  89. cardiac tamponade
    acute compression of the heart due to the accumulation of fluid within the pericardial cavity
  90. cardiomyopathy
    general disease of the heart muscles
  91. cardiovalvulitis
    inflammation of the heart valves
  92. claudication
    pain in a limb, usually the lower leg, caused by poor circulation
  93. coarctation of the aorta
    congential disease in which the aorta is narrowed, causing reduced systemic circulation and fluid accumulation in the lungs
  94. congestive heart failure
    chronic condition characterized by the inability of the left ventricl to pump enough blood through the body to adequately supply systemic tissues. CHF
  95. cor pulmonale
    literally "heart lung" in french, chronic enlargement of right ventricle results from congestion within the pulmonary circulation
  96. coronary artery disease
    generalized condition of the arteries of the heart characterized by a reduction of blood flow to the heart wall, for which the most common cause is atherosclerosis; CAD
  97. coronary occlusion
    blockage of an artery supplying the heart, often due to atherosclerosis
  98. deep vein thrombosis
    abnormal presence of stationary blood clots within the deep veins of the leg DVT
  99. embolism
    blood clot or foreign particle that moves through the circulation, which can produce a severe circulatory restriction when it ebcomes lodged in an artery
  100. endocarditis
    inflammation of the endocardium; a common cause is a bacterial infection
  101. fibrillation
    uncoordinated, rapid contractions of the ventricles or atria, resulting in circulatory collapse
  102. heart flutter
    extremely rapid, but regular, contractions of the heart; either atrial or ventricular
  103. heart attack
    acute episode during which heart fails to pump blood effectively; myocardial infarction
  104. heart block
    interference with normal electrical conduction of the heart, result of a myocardial infarction affecting SA or AV node
  105. Heart murmur
    abnormal soft, blowing or rasping sound heard through auscultation of the heart
  106. hemorrhoid
    varicose vein in anal region, which produces symptoms of local pain and itching
  107. hypertension
    • persistently high blood pressure, which includes essential hypertension, where condition is not traceable to a single cause
    • secondary hypertension, where high blood pressure is caused by effects of another disease
  108. hypotension
    chronic condition of low blood pressure
  109. ischemia
    abnormally low flow of blood to tissues
  110. myocarditis
    inflammation of the myocardium, or muscle layer of the heart wall
  111. patent ductus arteriosus
    congenital condition characterized by an opening between pulmonary artery and aorta, allowing blood to pass across, due to connecting channel part of normal fetal circulation fails to close, remaining open or patent
  112. pericarditis
    inflammation of the pericardium, usually affecting both layers
  113. phlebitis
    inflammation of a vein
  114. polyarteritis
    inflammation of an artery at numerous sites
  115. Tetralogy
    four congenital defects associated with the heart--pulmonary stenosis, ventricular septal defect, incorrect position of the aorta, and right ventricular hypertrophy--combined; as a result, pulmonary circuit is bypassed
  116. thromboaniits obliterans
    vascular inflammatory disease that usually affects the lower extremities; also called Buerger's disease
  117. thrombosis
    presence of stationary blood blots within blood vessels
  118. varicosis
    condition of an abnormally dilated vein
  119. ventricular septal defect
    opening in the septum that separates the right ventricle from the left ventricle, allowing blood to pass between them
  120. aneurysmectomy
    surgical removal of an aneurysm
  121. angiogram
    recording obtained from an angiography procedure, x-ray of blood vessel
  122. angioplasty
    general surgical repair of a blood vessel; to reopen blocked vessels
  123. angiorrhaphy
    suturing a blood vessel to close an incision
  124. angioscopy
    use of aflexible fiberoptic instrument, or endoscope, to observe a desased blood vessel in order to asses the lesion and decide upon a mode of treatment; procedure also includes use of a camera, video recorder, and monitor
  125. aortogram
    recording of an x-ray of aorta
  126. arteriogram
    x-ray of a particular artery
  127. arteriotomy
    incision into an artery
  128. atherectomy
    surgical removal of a fatty plaque within a blood vessel using a specialized rotary knife and a catheter
  129. auscultation
    physical examination consisiting of listening to internal sounds using a stethoscope; sounds that suggest abnormalities are often caused by dysrhythmias
  130. cardiac catherterization
    insertion of anarrow flexible tube, or catheter, through a coronary blood vessel to withdraw blood samples, measure pressures, and inject contrast medium for imaging purposes
  131. cardiac pacemaker
    battery-powered device that is implanted under skin and wired to SA node; produces timed electric pulses that replace the pacemaking function of the SA node
  132. Cardiologist
    physician specializing in the treatments of patients with heart disease
  133. cardiology
    field of medicine focusing on the treatment of patients with heart disease; also a department within a hospital for heart care
  134. cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    emergency response procedure that includes artificial ventilation and external heart massage
  135. coronary angiogram
    x-ray of heart's circulation
  136. coronary artery bypass graft
    surgical procedure in which a blood vessel is removed from another part of body and inserted in coronary circulation to bypass blood flow around an occluded coronary artery
  137. coronary stent
    plastic scaffold that is used to anchor a surgical implantation
  138. defibrillation
    electrical charge to the heart in an effort ot defibrillate or to stop fibrillation of heart
  139. doplar sonography
    ultrasound procedure that evaluates blood flwo in an effort to determine the cause of a localized reduction in blood flow
  140. echocardiography
    ultasound wehr sound waves directed through heart to evaluate heart anomalies
  141. electrocardiography
    procedure in which electrical events associated with heart beating are evaluated
  142. embolectomy
    surgical removal of floating blood clot or embolus
  143. endarterectomy
    incision into an artery, usually to remove fatty plaque or a blood clot
  144. hemorrhoidectomy
    surgical removal of hemorrhoids
  145. holter ambulatory monitor
    portable electrocardiograph worn by patient for 24hour periods
  146. magnetic resonance angiography
    magnetic resonance imaging of the heart and coronary blood vessels
  147. myocardial radionuclide perfusion scan
    after injection of isotope, blood flow to cardiac cells is traced and evaluated
  148. nuclear medicine imaging of the heart
    visualization of heart following adminstration of radioactive isotopes to aid in diagnosis
  149. pericardiostomy
    surgical creation of an opening in pericardial sac, usually to reduce pressure
  150. phlebectomy
    excision of a vein
  151. phlebotomy
    incision into a vein, usually to remove blood for sampling or to donate blood
  152. postiron emiistion tomography
    procedure that provides blood flow images with radioactive isotope
  153. sphygmomanometry
    procedure that measures arterial blood pressure
  154. thrombolytic therapy
    treatment that dissolves blood clots
  155. valvuloplasty
    sugical repair of a heart valve, or valve replacement
  156. venogram
    x-ray of a vein
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