Single Life

  1. __ is a broad term, as many people are technically single, but live very different kinds of lives.
    Single Life
  2. Regardless of the kind of single life that is lived, that life is a __- __.
    • vocation
    • a life that touches the world with God's love in powerful and meaningful ways
  3. What is Circumstantial Single Life?
    Some people who are single never planned to be single--they didn't choose this life as their vocation adn are open to other ways of living their lives (married/ religious life)
  4. What is Committed Single Life?
    Some single poeple know that they do not want to live the religious or married life. They choose to be single. Most of these people have another specific focus in life.
  5. Knowing Who You Are important in all vocations?
    This is important in all vocations but it particularly important in Single Life
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Single Life