English Vocab Quiz

  1. Exposed
    adj. v. Susceptible to attack; vulnerable; uncovered
  2. Fashionable
    adj. stylish
  3. Gracious
    adj. pleasantly kind; courteous
  4. Perennial
    adj. present to all season of year
  5. Determination
    n. to act of committing to a chose
  6. Concession
    n. the act of giving in; yielding
  7. Exhaustion
    n. extreme weakness or fatigue
  8. Obscene
    adj. offensive; vulgar
  9. Fiendish
    adj. diabolically cruel or wicked
  10. Staggering
    • adj. spaced out; stumbling
    • v. to space out; to stumble
  11. Quantities
    n. particular amount of anything
  12. Pummeling
    v. to beat or thrash w/ or as if with the fists
  13. Descend
    v. to go down a staircase or other downward incline; come nearer to the ground
  14. Plummet
    v. drop downward fast
  15. Gingerly
    adj. with great care or caution
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