1. Landed immigrants
    is a person who wants to live in Canada and is judged to become a valuable citizen
  2. After 3 years of a landed immigrant a person can apple for Canadian citizenship
    However they must be able to do these 5 things
    • 1. Speak english or french
    • 2. Have Knowledge of Canada
    • 3. Know what is expected of a citizen
    • 4. Know the benefits of being a citizen
    • 5. Take and oath as a citizen
  3. Name the 3 Categories of immigrants
    • Family immigrants
    • Refugees
    • Independent immigrants
  4. Descibe Family immigrants
    Purpose is to allow Canadian residents(both citizens and landed immigrants) to reunite with families by bringing close relatives to Canada. They must be sponsored by a relative in canada= the sponsor must provide housing and other needs for 10 years
  5. Refugees
    A person who fears persecution(or even death) in their home country. This persecution must arise for reasons of race, religion, political opnion or membership in a particular social group
  6. What is a point sysetem
    a process used to evaluate potential immigrants to determine if they have the necessary skills to become valuable citizens(educated, skills, job needed)
  7. Independent immigrants- there are 2 sub categories for immigrants, must be evalutated with point system
    Skilled workers, they must recieve 67 points on the test. They should be educated, trained, experienced and in demand

    Business immigrants$= must recieve 35 points on the test and are willing to make a significatn financial contribution. They can apply as an investor, enterprenuer or self employed
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