1. conversion
    when a non-believer changes into a believer of God
  2. what could be an arguement agaisnt the existance of a conversion miracle
    this could be possibly be explained by somebody wanting instant sucsess .
  3. sense of God's presence
    when a person feels God is present
  4. what could be an argument agaisnt a sense of God's presence religious experince
    • God is never on earth
    • Religious experiences dont last for ever and Christians believe that although God isnt present on earth he is present , so how can people suddenly experinece God's presence is he is always there
  5. inner voice
    when a person feels as though God speaks to them through their consciene
  6. what is an argument against the existance of an inner voice miracle
    Christaisn could tell themselves that God is speaking to them in order for them to feel close to God
  7. prayer
    when a person feels that they are communicating with God in a prayer or that their prayers have been answered
  8. what is an argument against a prayer religious experince
    this could be explained by Christians reflecting while they are praying and acting how God wants them to act therefor they are fixing their mistakes themselves
  9. healing
    Some poeple believe that God can heal people using preachers and healers
  10. what is an argument against a healing religious experience
    This could just possibly be explained by the Christian seeking medical help
  11. visions
    people say they have seen visions of Jesus , the virgin Mary and angels
  12. what is an argument against the existance of a vision religious experience
    This could be explained by people having a dream of them being there when Jesus was born
  13. why do people believ in God
    • You can’t explain the existence or origin of something, so you believe God must have done it
    • The universe seems too complex, too ordered, too beautiful, to have appeared naturally
    • You’ve been educated that way
    • You feel that your faith in something greater than yourself gives your life purpose and meaning
    • You have had a religious experience
    • You’re afraid of death, and want to believe that it’s not the end, that you simply go to a better place
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