1. Describe Stage 1
    A country starts with a high birth rate and equally high death rate. The population remains stable
  2. example of stage 1
    Scotland before 1760
  3. Describe stage 2
    death rate drops. As a result the population increases quickly as many more peopleare being born than dying
  4. Give an example of stage 2
    • Canada iin 1960s
    • very poor countrys in the last 30 years
  5. Stage 3
    Population continues to grow but at a slower rate. This is due to a drop in birthrate
  6. example of stage 3
    • Canada in 1960s
    • Hasn't yet happened in poorer countries
  7. Stage 4
    Low crude birth rate and crude death rate. Higher dependancy ratio and longer life expectancy. Crude death rate does rise slightly because of aging population
  8. exapme pf 4
    Canada, USA, JApan today
  9. what are true about facts
    • Facts are statements that can be proven true or false
    • Facts can tell what actually happened
    • Facts tell what is happening now
    • Facts state something that can be easily observed or verified
  10. what are true about opinions
    • Opinions are statements that cannot be proved true or false because they express a persons thoughts belief , feelings or estimates
    • Opinions tell what should or should not be thought or done
    • Opinions are based on what seems to be true or probable
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