Word Smart 8

  1. Abstinent
    Abstaining; voluntarily not doing something, especially something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad reputation
  2. Benevolent
    Generous; kind; doing good deeds
  3. Blithe
    Carefree; Cheerful
  4. Categorical
    Unconditional; absolute
  5. Chagrin
    Humiliation; embarrassed disappointment
  6. Definitive
    Conclusive; providing the last word
  7. Deride
    To ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
  8. Emigrate
    To leave a country permanently; to expatriate
  9. Encroach
    To make gradual or stealthy roads into; to tresspass
  10. Fatuous
    Foolish; silly; idiotic
  11. Fidelity
    Faithfulness; loyality
  12. Gregarious
    Sociable; enjoying the company of others
  13. Hypothetical
    Uncertain; unproven
  14. Imperial
    Like an empire or an emperor
  15. Languish
    To become weak; listless; or depressed
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