Chapter 27, malignant melanoma

  1. What are the 3 types of skin cancers
    • basal cell carcinoma
    • squamos cell carcinoma
    • malignant melanoma
  2. what is the more serious skin cancer
    maignant melanoma
  3. where does the tumor originate in malignant melanoma
    base layer of the epidermis or a nerve
  4. what is the etiology for malignant melanoma
    • UV light-sun/tanning salon
    • Race-white mostly
    • Atypical mole/dyplasic nevus syndrome
    • immunosuppression
  5. what is a nevus
    a collection of melanocytes
  6. what are the risk factors for malignant melanoma
    • family history
    • blonde/red hair
    • freckling on upper back
    • 3 or more sunburn before 20yrs
    • 3 or more outdoor jobs as teen
    • actinic keratosis-sandpaper skin
  7. actinic keratoses predisposes people to what type of skin cancer
    squamos cell carcinoma
  8. if you have 2 of the 6 risk factors what happens to your chances of getting skin cancer
    3.5-fold increase
  9. if you have 3 or more of the 6 risk factors what happens to your chances of getting skin cancer
    20-fold increase
  10. what are the signs and symptoms of malignant carcinoma
    • ABCDE
    • melonoma is suspected in any nevus that shows change in:
    • Appearence
    • Border
    • Color
    • Diameter
    • Evolving/elevation
  11. most malignant melanomas measure more than
    6mm in diameter
  12. what are the diagnostic test for malignant melanoma
  13. what are the complications of malignant melanomas
    metastasis to lymph then brain
  14. what is the treatment for malignant melanoma
    • surgery
    • skin graft
    • radiation & chemo
    • interferon
  15. what is the most important fact in determining prognosis
    tumor thickness
  16. what is the prognosis for malignant melanoma
    • variable depends on
    • thickness of tumor
    • location
    • lesion type
    • level of invasion
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Chapter 27, malignant melanoma
Chapter 27, malignant melanoma