1. Ingraham v. Wright
    No physical punishment - corpral punishment
  2. Lovel v. Poway
    Prevent physical injury
  3. Jones v. Latexco (1980)
    Canine search only if reasonable suspicion. Cannot do cars without resonable suspicion
  4. Lau v. Nichols
    No discrimination, same opportunities for ELL
  5. Civil Rights Act 1964
    No discrimination based on sex, race, or religion
  6. Title 7
    No sexual discrimination in the work place
  7. Title 9
    No discrimination in Education programs supported by federal money
  8. 14th ammendment
    The right to due process
  9. Hoing v. Doe -1988
    Cannot suspend for longer then 10 days without hearing - violates due process
  10. New jersey v. TLO - 1985
    • Searches under resonable suspicion rather than probable cause. Acting 'in loco parentis'
    • Rolling papers meant there were more in her purse.
  11. Goss v. Lopez- 1975
    Conducti hearing before student can be suspended for long time - due process rights
  12. Gonzales v. McEuen - 1977
    • Notice of expulsion hearing must communicate
    • Nature of proceedings
    • Statement of Charge
    • basic rights afforded to student
    • part of CA ed code
  13. Ed Code 48908
    Requires all pupils to submit to the authority of teachers
  14. Ed Code 233.5
    Provides general guidance regarding the teaching morals, manner and citizenship
  15. Ed Code 35291.5
    Schools at its discretion should adopt rules and procedures for student discipline once every 4 years
  16. In Loco Parentis
    Acting in place of the parent
  17. Ed Code on Suspensions and Expulsions
    • Expulsion hearing within 30 days of notice
    • Suspension 10 days must have due process
    • Must give oral or written notice of suspension or expulsions
    • Find alternative to suspension for truant or tardy students
  18. Williams Case 2004
    Must ensure adaquate educational resources for students in the form of facility maintenace, text books, and credential teachers
  19. IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    • FAPE - free and appropriate public educaiton
    • LRE - Least Restricted environment
    • Student with disabilities have the same right to a free public education
    • IEP - Individualized Education Plan
  20. Section 504
    Ensures that a child with disabilities has equal access to educaiton and mandates appropriate accomodations and modifications with out an IEP
  21. NCLB- 2002
    • Standards based reform education
    • Requires assesment in basic skill to be given to alll students for states to get educaitonal funding
  22. Palmer v. Merluzzi - 1989
    Extra curricular activities are not a right
  23. Pierce v. the society of sisters
    Due process must be used to fulfill compulsory attendance
  24. Engal v. Vitale - 1962
    Daily prayer violates first ammendment rights
  25. Lemon Test
    Lemon v. Kurtzman - 1971
    • 1. Must have a secular legislative purpose
    • 2. Principal must neither advance or inhibit religion
    • 3. must not foster excessive entangle ment with religion
  26. Bethel v. Fraser - 1986
    First ammendment and 14th ammendment do not protect vulgar and offensive speech at a school assembly, in violation of school disciplinary rule.
  27. Tinker v. Des Moines -1969
    • Wearing arm bands is protected under the first ammendment - did not interfere with school day.
    • Students do not shed constitutional rights at the door.
  28. Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier
    Administration has the right to sensor school newspaper to protect the safety and privacy of students - limited forum
  29. Sherman v. Community school district - 1992
    Students do not have to say the pledge of allegiance
  30. Pickering v. BOE - 1968
    Teacher has the right to speak on issues of public importance with out being dismissed
  31. Fowler v. BOE -1987
    Showing inappropriate movies is not protected under first ammendment and you can be fired.
  32. Board of Regents v. Roth - 1972
    Non tenured teacher need not be given reasons for no renewal
  33. Marshal v. Kirkland - 1979
    Unsonstituional discrimination of female teacher promotions to administration
  34. Eckmann v. BOE - 1985
    Constitutionally protected decision to bear child irrespective of marriage.
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