Chapter 21, urolithiasis

  1. What is the hallmark symptom for this disorder
  2. When would stones cause clinical manifestation
    urine flow is blocked
  3. What causes flank pain in urolithiasis
    streching of renal capsule
  4. What causes a rhythmic contractions of the ureter
    a stone getting stuck in the lumen of the ureter, pain occurs as stone is moving through ureter
  5. what causes urolithiasis
    • idiopathic
    • heredity
    • males more often than females
  6. what is the patho of urolithiasis
    • usually start in tubule or papillae
    • nidus forms
    • nidus gets trapped in calyx
    • nidus attracts other crystals
    • grows into a stone
  7. what are some predispoding factors of urolithiasis
    • high urinary concentration of stone-forming substances
    • urinary tract infection
    • metabolic factors-gout, hyoercalcemia
    • immobility
  8. why would kidney stones cause a UTI
    urine stasis
  9. how would a UTI cause kidney stones
    cellular debris from an infection may form a nidus
  10. what are most kidney stones made of
  11. what causes hypercalcemia
    a hyperactive parathyroid gland
  12. what are the signs and symptoms of urolithiasis
    • flank pain
    • nausea, vomiting
    • cool moist skin
    • rapid pulse
    • pain spasm
  13. what type of diagnostic test would be used for renal calculi
    • KUB
    • IVP
    • CT scan
  14. why would a patient with renal calculi be asked to strain their urine
    to analyze the stone and find the content and predisposing factors
  15. what type of treatment is used for renal calculi
    • small stones pass
    • extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy-break up large stones
    • laser lithotripsy
    • drugs to dissolve
    • treat underlying cause
    • adjust pH by fluid intake
    • increase fluid intake
    • pain killers/morphine/narcotic analgesics
  16. what is staghorm calculus
    large stone that forms in the renal calyces and pelvis that resembles deer antlers
  17. What is the complication of staghorn calculus
    renal failure
  18. what is the prognosis for renal calculi
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Chapter 21, urolithiasis
Chapter 21, urolithiasis