1. Christians believe that Jesus died and suffered for them . How should this affect a Christains behaviour
    It should make us greatful , respectful and live our lives according to the Bible to ensure we are living the way God wants us to as he suffred aswell as he gave up his only son
  2. if you have missed the mark you have
    sinned because anything which isnt sin is perfect
  3. the punishment for sin is
  4. death is
    seperation from God
  5. sIn has I in the middle it means
    doing things my way not God's way
  6. Jesus died to
    take the blame for our sins because of this Christians believe they can reach God
  7. Jesus , who was ...... because he was .... , was ..... by ..... in the place of ..... who are not .... and deserve to be ...... from ....
    • perfect
    • God
    • punished
    • crucifiction
    • mankind
    • perfect
    • seperated
    • God
  8. Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross to
    redeem believers from the origional sin of Adam and Eve
  9. Because of Jesus' death , people who believe in him are not punished by seperation from God when they die . This is called
    redemption or salvation
  10. what did the resurrection of Jesus achieve
    • when Jesus came back to life he deafeated death from sin
    • Jesus built a bridge available for sinners (who beilieved in him) to use to reach God
    • The people who used the bridge had to show they were sorry for their sins `
  11. saviour
    a person who rescues another from harm danger or loss
  12. redeemer
    a person who restores the rights of another and avenges his wrongs
  13. Christians believe that Jesus is the
    son of God
  14. God sent Jesus to earth as the
    saviour of humans , to save them from sin and punishment . Jesus was also called the reeder because his death paid the price for human sin and allows people to free from the consequences of that sin
  15. there is evidence in the bible that Jesus is a redeemer and saviour in
    Titus 2:13-14
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