1. why might a person believe in Heaven
    • religious beliefs
    • communication with the dead - visions of the dead
    • near-deaf experiences - biblical teachings
    • ghosts and apparations - visions
  2. what proof do we have that Heaven exists
    Elijah was caught up into heaven, taken up in a whirlwind despite the fact that he never have tasted death before (II Kings 2:1-12)
  3. what christians believe about life after death - Christians believe that when we die that is not the ...... . Although a person's ....... body dies , their ..... is still alive . Christians believe that God ..... our life on earth , and decides what happens to us in the ...... . some people will go to ........ , whilst other will got to ......... . Christians believe that by sending ....... to ........ , to ..... on the ...... , God made ..... ..... .... possible .
    • end
    • earthy
    • soul
    • judges
    • afterlife
    • Heaven
    • Hell
    • Jesus
    • earth
    • die
    • cross
    • life after death
  4. Christians belief about life after death come from
    • the bible (which includes Jesus' teachings)
    • the chruches teachings
    • their own relationship with God
  5. Christians believe that after they die they will be
    • resurrected just as Jesus was
    • they will be given a new body
    • they will not be born back into this world
    • they will not just be a kind of spirit
    • they will become a perfect version of themselves
    • they will be able to continue living in Heaven with others
  6. In todays world there is a wide variety of beliefs about life after death . Some people belive that
    • there is no life after death as there is scientific proof to confirm it
    • Others believe that there is life after death
  7. if somebody belives there is no life after death then they think that
    when a person dies , that is completely the end of their existance physically and spiritually
  8. if somebody believes that there is life after death they believe that
    when a person dies , they still exist in some way
  9. why dont some people believ in life after death
    • Some people do not want to believe in life after death, especially when they are severely depressed. These people want to believe that suicide would end their suffering, and that they do not have to continue to struggle
    • Others believe that worrying about the future is a waste of time, and that everyday should be lived only as it comes - so they don't consider the concept
    • Acknowledging life after death is usually associated with a religion, and people who have been raised void of religious influence and are not of faith; may have trouble believing in something beyond the grave.
    • Some people believe only in what they have direct evidence of, or have witnessed; and evidence of life after death can only be found when it is too late to come back and tell the world about.
  10. jesus teachings in the bible - jesus death and ressurection
    John 11:25-26
  11. what does John 11:25-26 say
    i am the ressurection and the life . He who believes in me will live , even though he dies ; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die
  12. the bible tells us that Jesus died and rose again
    so believers might have an eternal life
  13. the bible teaches us that eternal life means
    their soul will never die
  14. the bible teaches us that if we believ in God we shall have an eternal life in
    John 3:16
  15. God decides who is worthy of eternal life . the Nicene creed of jesus :
    he will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead , and hsi kingdom will have no end
  16. christians beleive that some people will go to heaven after they die others will go to hell , this is confirmed in
    Mathew 25:46
  17. Matthew 25:46 says
    then they will go away to eternal punishment , but the righteous ro eternal life
  18. many christains believe that
    • God is heaven
    • Jesus is in heaven with God
    • Heaven is paradise
    • Heaven is to be in the presence of God
  19. the belief that God is in heaven is supported by
    • the bible , and if often reffered to in Christain prayers
    • teh lords prayer begins with these words "Our Father who is in Heaven , hallowed be your name"
  20. Jesus calls Heaven "God throne" in
    Mathew 5:34
  21. After Jesus dies , he was resurrected and appeared to his disciples . He then ascended to heaven according to the bible in
    Mark 16:19
  22. Jesus referred to heaven as paradise in
    luke 23:43
  23. luke 23:43 says
    "I tell you the truth , today you will be with me in Paradise
  24. the bible says there will be no unhappiness in heaven in
    revelation 21:4
  25. Christains believe that when they die , their physical body ceases to exist , but their soul lives on . Christians beliefs vary , but
    all believe in heaven and an eternal life with God
  26. Some Christians believe that after physical death they stay in the ......... until the end of the world . When this happens God will .... everybody and alll will be ...... . everyone , ...... and ....-.... will face this ...... . Good Christains will be rewarded ...... , while evil people will be punished and sent to ....... . Because of this christaisn would prefer to be ....... rather than ......
    • grave
    • raise
    • judged
    • Christians
    • non-Christains
    • judgement
    • Heaven
    • Hell
    • buried
    • cremated
  27. Christians belive in judgement because
    • St. Paul said this is what happens in 1 Corinthians 15 when he si writing about resurrection
    • It was the body of Jesus that rose from the dead
  28. the idea of judgement comes from
    jewish teachings
  29. Some people believe that when they die their soul goes straight to ....... . They believe this because
    • Heaven
    • Jesus said to one of the thieves who died with him on the cross - "today you will be with me in paradise"
    • the souls seem to be seperate from the body
  30. catholics believe that when people die the souls of the very good people go straight to ...... . Other Christains are sent to ....... for a period of time to ....... them free from .... .
    • heaven
    • purgatory
    • cleanse
    • sin
  31. catholics belive that if those left on earth ....... for the people in .... , then their time there can be shortened . at the end of the world everyone will be raised from the ..... and Christaisn will go to ..... , while others go to .... . they believe this because it is the ........................
    • pray
    • purgatory
    • dead
    • Heaven
    • Hell
    • teaching of the catholic chruch
  32. Philippians 3:10-11 teaches Christians that to become Jesus they must :
    die like Jesus , and they will be resurrected like Jesus and they will go to heaven if they do right
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