1. Functions of roots
    • absorption
    • anchorage
    • produce hormones
  2. Root tip, longitudinal section
    • root cap
    • quiescent center
    • region of cell division
    • apical meristem
    • region of elongation
    • region of maturation
  3. Root Cap
    • protection
    • gravity detection
    • must be renewed (division)
    • mucigel
  4. Quiescent Center
    Not much going on, no cell division
  5. Region of Cell Division
    above quiescent center
  6. Apical Meristem
    • (cells dividing)
    • protoderm-fewer-outside cells
    • ground maaristem
    • procambium-becomes phloem and xylem
  7. Region of Elongation
    push cap thru soil
  8. Region of Maturation
    unicellular root hairs (only on parts not moving)
  9. Procambium
    • Part of Apical Meristem
    • becomes phloem and xylem
  10. Root Cross Section
    • Epidermis
    • Cortex-symplastic and apoplastic flow (carries water from out to in)
    • endodermis
  11. Cortex
    • Root Cross Section
    • Symplastic Flow- water goes thru cell
    • Apoplastic flow- water goes around the cell (faster)
  12. Endodermis
    • Root Cross Section
    • water forced thru cell b/c waterproof between cells
    • Casparian strip-water proof band around cells
    • Suberin-waterproofing substance
  13. Casparian strip
    water proof band around cells of endodermis in root cross section
  14. Subrin
    Substance that makes cells water proof (ex, in endodermis of root cross section)
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