110 office procedures

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  1. T/F: Making eye contact with the owner AND the patient is the best way to establish good rapport
  2. T/F: Guessing the breed of a client's pet is a great way to establish good rapport
  3. Do gloves need to be worn when working with chlorhexadine surgical scrub?
  4. Do gloves need to be work when working with X-ray developing chemicals?
  5. Do gloves need to be worn when working with pesticides and insecticides?
  6. Which 2 substances common in veterinary practices produce a toxic gas when mixes together?
    bleach and ammonia
  7. To help the client understand procedures as well as complications, and to help protect the practice in the case of law suit, the use of _____ _____ is critical
    consent form
  8. The pt's identifying info must be on what part/page of the medical record?
    every page
  9. Do we have to have a signed form from the client to release info about the rabies status of a pt to a physician or state/US agency?
  10. What does the color red stand for on a safety label? (MSDS)
  11. T/F: All containers, primary and secondary must be labeled with the name of the product and potential hazards
  12. What is the most efficient way to make sure the general cleanliness of the practice is continuously being done?
    everyone pitches in
  13. Thinking about the client's perception of care, what is the most important thing we are concerned with?
    How the pt looks when they go home
  14. With regard to discharge at the end of the day, when should you bring a pt to an owner?
    after meds, discharge instructions and charge out
  15. T/F: The OS, the networking system and the application programs are all considered "hardware"
  16. What factor determines whether a practice will be successful incorporating a computer system into their company?
  17. T/F: Vx certs, spay/neuter certs and health certs all require the signature of the DVM
  18. How many patients are included in a POVMR (problem oriented veterinary medical record)?
    one patient per record
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