37-42 review

  1. John J. Pershing
    General-ordered with 6,000 troops to go after General Pancho Villa
  2. William Jennings Bryan
    a militant fundamentalists that urged people to prohibit the teaching of evolution in schools
  3. Tank
    Secret weapon of World War II
  4. Huns
    derogatory term for the Germans-barbaric
  5. Lusitania
    ship that was sank by the Germans by a secondary explosion because the Germans said they were hiding war material behind a shield of people-several people were killed.
  6. W.E.B Dubois
    scholar and editor of the NAACP journal-the Crisis-raised objections against the large number of blacks that enlisted or were drafted for the war
  7. Herbert Hoover
    war hero-took over the food and drug administration and made it one of the most efficient gov’t organizations.
  8. Espionage Act
    prohibited any attempt to interfere with military operations, or to support America’s enemy during wartime
  9. Fourteen Points
    Wilson issued his Fourteen Points, his goals for the world after the war, especially the creation of the League of
  10. Big Four
    Woodrow Wilson (US), Georges Clemenceau (France), David Lloyd George (Great Britain), and Vittorio Orlando (Italy)
  11. Charles Evans Hughes
    Harding’s secretary of state-had congress “resolve” that the war with Germany was over and recognize the new German republic
  12. Seattle
    where a dispute began on the docks of the Pacific port turned into a general strike involving 60,000 people-the strike was crushed with the help of the US marines
  13. Sacco & Vanzetti
    Italian immigrants, accused and convicted of murder under questionable circumstances
  14. Wets
    people who lived in big cities
  15. Marcus Garvey
    • founder of the Untied Negro Improvement Association-preached separation of the races and a return to Africa
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