37-42 review

  1. Why did Wilson send troops into Mexico from Texas?
    To go after Pancho Villa after he attacked New Mexico
  2. Who were the Allied Powers?
    Great Britain Japan France U.S. Italy
  3. Who were the Central Powers?
    Germany Hungry Austria Ottomon Turkish Empire
  4. How did the Bolshevik Revolution affect the Allies?
    Russia signed a peace treaty with Germans which took Russia out of the war and then Germans were better able to fight the French, British, and America since they weren’t at war with Russia anymore.
  5. How did Wilson behave when dealing with nations that were weaker or racially different from the United States?
    Reverted to his religious roots and told the other countries how to do things the right way
  6. Which factors inclined the United States to be sympathetic toward the Allied Powers?
    • Shared ethnic background with great Great Britain
    • French were our oldest allies
  7. Why did Germany resume unresstricted submarine warfare in 1917?
    Misjudged that they could crush the allied troops before the Americans could get there
  8. Propagandists inspired anti-German feelings how?
    Emphasized the brutal image of the “hun”
  9. The United States thwarted Germany's submarine blockade of Great Britain how?
    Freighters were guarded by warships and they crossed the Atlantic in convoys
  10. Which causes were furthered by the war?
    Woman’s right to vote, suffrage, purity movement, and prohibition
  11. The IWW was suppressed for what reason(s)?
    They advocated opposition to the war and they were involved in lumbar, agriculture, and railroads that were needed to support the war
  12. What did the Committee on Public Information do?
    • Censored war news in the interest of morale and emphasized through propaganda the importance of Universal patriotism encouraging the suppression of dissent
    • -lied and misrepresented the facts
    • -cover up bad information of the war
  13. The Spanish Flu of 1918 did what?
    • Killed 21 million people worldwide
    • -first pandemic
    • -Hit US military barracks first
  14. The Treaty of Washington did what?
    • Limit the size of navies in proportion to defense needs
    • ---U.S. , Great Britain, Japan, France, and Italy
  15. Postwar labor unrestresulted primarily from what?
    • Inflation-their wages weren’t worth as much
    • Red Scare
    • Racial conflicts
    • Religious reaction
  16. Who were Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti?
    • Italian Immigrants-who were arrested for armed bank robbery that resulted in the death of 2 people-they were sentenced to death
    • -stole $15,000.00
  17. What was true of the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s?
    They began to dissolve from the murder cover-up of their leader
  18. Who were the principals in Dayton, Tennessee's famous "Monkey Trial"?
    • John Scopes-teacher that taught evolution-that humans descended from apes
    • William J. Bryan- prosecution Clarence Darrow-Plaintiff
  19. Why was the involvement of Interior Secretary Albert B. Fall in the Teapot Dome scandal?
    He took loans from the oil companies who then went into the Navy oil reserve and pumped out oil (stole the oil)
  20. The fearful atmosphere of the Red Scare caused what?
    Fear, anti-foreigner sentiment, and anti-labor
  21. What were the New Era economic policies?
    • Tarrifs were national sales tax
    • People who buy the most pay the most
  22. During the 1920s, United States policy toward Latin America did what?
    • Sent U.S. marines to keep order
    • Several companies were sent to start a revolution
  23. The Coolidge years were marked by what?
    • -prosperity for about 50% of the population
    • -southern farmers were hard hit
    • -get rich, credit, and buying on margin
  24. America's foreign policy was "isolationist" in what sense?
    They signed no binding agreement with any foreign government
  25. What is the installment-plan purchasing?
    Buy now pay later
  26. What did the spectacular rise in stock market prices indicate?
    • Everybody could get rich
    • Bull Market
  27. Buying on margin meant what?
    • Buying on credit
    • Paid for percentage of stock-you could control the stock but you didn’t own it
  28. The hardships of depression were compounded by massive dust storms in the Midwest, most famously in which state?
  29. During the Depression, was social & political violence a problem?
  30. The best-organized group amoung the Bonus Boys was the which?
    American Legion-World War I veterans
  31. During the Depression, why did the film industry flourish?
    • It was an escape from reality
    • Cheap tickets
  32. What was a result of the Depression?
    • 25% of Americans lost their jobs/became unemployed
    • -Roosevelts social policy’s such as Social Security
  33. How did Americans express their rejection of the leaders of the 1920s?
    • They ridiculed business men, Herbert Hoover, President, big business, Republicans
    • ---didn’t blame capitalism
  34. What did the romantic image of Midwestern bank robbers reflect?
    • Robin Hood
    • Bonnie and Clyde
    • -free spirits that only injured the rich
  35. Which New Deal-era agency accomplished many sorely need conservation measures?
    Civilian Conservation Corps
  36. What was the most significant long-term political consequence of the New Deal?
    African Americans switched from Republican party to the Democratic party
  37. What was the Social Security Act?
    • Roosevelt’s reaction to the Townsend plan
    • Idea to provide personal financial security to the elderly who couldn’t work anymore
  38. How did Roosevelt face the issure of race in America?
    • He ignored race problems-so he could get southern democratic votes
    • He let his wife deal with the race issues
  39. Following his re-election in 1936, President Roosevelt did what differently?
    Addressed needs of labor unions and industrial workers
  40. What did the New Deal accomplish?
    • Gave American’s their confidence back
    • Eased hardship of millions
    • Saved capitalism in the US
    • Increased size of government
    • DID NOT END THE DEPRESSION (World War II ended the Depression)
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