neuro drug test

  1. What is te bas line you must record on any body before you start any one in ritalin?
    vital sing, weight
  2. A person is diagnose with narcolepsis and is prescribed the nuvigill (antileptic)
    teach the client to take in the morning and avoid caffiene
  3. Anphetamines (ex. aderall, Ritalin)
    drug use to treat children with attention deficit hypractive disorder (ADHD)
  4. A client is prescribed dilantin wht kind of pt teaching are you going to do
    use soft brisal tooth brush
  5. a pt reciving biporic what data would the nnurse acces for?
    Liver emzines
  6. your developing a teaching plan for a pt who has with trigeminal neuralgia please explain the side effect of the medication that help treat this disorder?
  7. the nurse is preparing to administer the following anticonvulsive medication which medication will the nurse question administering?
    know therapeudic levels
  8. The client with a sezure disorder is prescribe ceverex phospho phinatonin you are taching the patient select all that apply
    • where medic bracelet
    • avoid alcohol and over the counter medicatios
    • need to maintain adequate nutritional intake
  9. client newley diagnos with sezure disorder is also diagnose with type II DM the health care provider subcribes dilantin what intervention should the nurse take
    instruct the pt to monitor the blood glucose more closely
  10. an adult treated with dilantin report to the nurse the the urine is reddish-brown what does the nurse do?
    inform the pt is a common side effect
  11. The client reciving dilanting question the nurse after diachage what is the nurse best response?
    tell pt this medication will probably be continue for life
  12. proper administration of dilantin is important the nurse know which of the following
    the drug can depress miocardium and cause disrithmias.
  13. dialantin does not work well with tube feeding may interfer absorption of orally administered what to do?
    give higher doses ofthe drug and monitor blod levels.
  14. the medical record of a pt has indicate 2 episode of epilepsis what medication should you have on hand
  15. how are we going to monitor the effectiveness of tegretol for trigeminal neralgia pt
    pain will go away
  16. have a pt for reciving tegretol fr trigeminal neralgia this drug is know to cause liver disfunction what would be the discharge instructions to the client
    • start low and gradully increase
    • monitor bloo levels
  17. a client with a hitory of a brain attack is prescibed dilantin why
    sezure profalacsics (prevent sezures)
  18. the nurse is assesing a client after admistering ativan IV to a pt expiriencing status epilepsis
    respiratory depression
  19. a client is taking dilatin daily the nurse monitor the client for which adverse reactions
  20. the nurse isinfusing dilantin IV what would be the solution use to infuse this medication
    normal saline
  21. the nurse would be administering luminal she is monitor the client very carefully because it is giving with a medication wich is knonw to have advers interaction what drug is it
    depekote (divalproex acid)
  22. the nurse should teach the client to whach the most common advers effect of dilantin
    gingival hyperplagia(bleedin gums)
  23. a nurse would monitor which lab result for a patient taking Zarotin
    complete blood count and liver function test
  24. an elderly client with pakinsons disease has been prescribe symmetrel what observation or data indicate the medication has a good effect
    the client is able to walk up right with out stumboling
  25. explain the scientific rational for the combination drug cardiodopa, levodopa, or sinemet as prescribe for parkins disease
    allows levodopa to reach the brain allowing for better drug effect
  26. parkinsons disease pt you are teaching about medication regine
    initial the medication may be effective but in the long run the effect may not last
  27. please explain the data that supports placing a parkinsons client in a drug holiay
    the terapeutic effects have diminish and advers effects have increased
  28. you are carring for newly diagnose with parkinsons and the pt is put on levadopa what pt teaching are you going to do
    • rise slowly because of orthostatic hipotention
    • tell them about the on and off effects of the mediation
    • explain the change in color in the urine and presperation
    • ambulation pt to stant up straight
  29. you hve a patient being prescrided the anticholorgenic medication cogentin what would this be contra indicated for
  30. pt in early stage in parkinsons is been prescribe mirapex dopamine aganist medication which side effect should the nurse teach the client?
    dry mouth, blurred vision, dizziness, orthostatic hupotension
  31. adverse effects of cogentin
    urination retention
  32. goal when you prepare a plan of care for a client with parkinsons disease
    you want to asses the client functional ability asses the client how much they can take care of themself
  33. a client on lovadopa should avoid taking vitamin B cause of interference what food may have vitamin B
    whole grains, fortified cereals, liver, and green vegetables
  34. what instuction will you give a pt with parkinsons that is prescribe parodel
    teachthe client they have to use something other than birth control pills because of drug interference
  35. we have a pt with parkinsons disease taking selegeline which post opertive order would the nurse question
    narcodic analgistic (demeral, tidal)
  36. a client with myasthenic gravis has been reciving prostigmine what is the scientific rational that the nurse should teach before administering th drug
  37. what mediation is giving as an antidote for prostigmine
  38. you have a medication prescription for mestinon(can be adjusted acording to pt reaction) for client, which assesment finding suggest the does might be excesive
    client cant open his mouth
  39. a pt will recive mestinon should be monitor for adverse reaction wht are the adverse reaction select all that apply
    nausea and diarrhea
  40. a client with myasthenia gravis bein discharge on mestinon should be teached
    daily dose and time interval must be carefully adjusted
  41. a female client presents with a brain attack what medication in the pt list may be a cause of a brain attack
    ortho-cyclon(conbination contraceptic hormone)
  42. what would be the teraputic effect of adminestering decaeron following a brain attack
    reduces intracranial pressure
  43. you know about inrease intracranial pressure you give osmitrol what evaluation would you use to monitor the effectiveness of this medication
    asses the clien neurological status by glasco coma scale
  44. a nurse is caring for a client with cerebral adema following a brain attach what would be the reason for giving osmetral
    to lower the intracranial pressure
  45. pt diagnose with a hemarogic stroke could you give this medication plavix
    no you can not
  46. what is your medication of choice for migrane head aches
  47. pt with migrane headache who is also pregnante can hat pt recive organimine tartrate
    no it will abort the fetus
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