Lesson Nine Vocab

  1. provocative
    def: tending to excite or stimulate

    syn: provoking; exciting
  2. bumpkin
    def: an unsophisticated, awkward person

    syn: yokel; hayseed; rube
  3. toady
    def: a person whol flatters for personal gain

    syn: sycophant; flatterer
  4. culpable
    def: deserving blame or condemnation; guilty

    syn: blameworthy; liable
  5. hortatory
    def: encouraging; inciting

    syn: exhorting
  6. penultimate
    def: next to last
  7. orotund
    def: full and rich in sound (in speech)

    syn: resonant; resounding
  8. blithe
    def: carefree and lighthearted

    syn: cheerful; radiant
  9. soporific
    def: tending to induce sleep

    syn: somniferous; monotonous
  10. pervasive
    def: permeating; spreading throughout

    syn: sweeping; persistent
  11. benign
    def: beneficial; favorable

    syn: benevolent; harmless
  12. frenetic
    def: wildly excited

    syn: frenzied; frantic
  13. recrimination
    def: a counter accusation

    syn: countercharge
  14. indecorous
    def: lacking good taste; improper

    syn: inappropriate; vulgar
  15. corroborate
    def: to strengthen by adding evidence

    syn: confirm; substantiate; validate
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