The Bilary System pt.2

  1. What kind of scout is needed fro a General GB or billary duct position?
    • 1. PA Position
    • 2. CR at L2 and 2 inches to the right with 10x12
    • 3. CR at crests on 14x17
  2. For the LAO Position, describe the CR and Rotation.
    CR is determined by scout and rotation is 15-40 degree rotation
  3. Where is the CR for a right lateral decubitus?
    CR at center of GB.
  4. For a PA Erect GB/Bilary duct, describe the CR and positioning.
    • CR is at the elvel of L3 and 2 inches to the right.
    • For hyperstehnic patients, center 2 inches up
    • For asthenic patients, 2 inches down and rotate 10-15 degrees.
  5. For an Operative Cholangiogram, where do you put the CR?
    Wherever the surgeon tells you to.
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