Islam Terms

  1. 'Aeed al-Adha
    • "The Feast of Sacrifice"
    • Commemoration of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael
  2. 'Aeed al-Fitr
    • "The Feast of Breaking the Fast"
    • Observed at the end of Ramadan
  3. Baraka
    • "Blessing power"
    • Comes from God into creation for the benefit of human beings
  4. Caliphs
    Successors of Muhammad (not prophets)
  5. Hadith
    Saying/Action of Muhammad
  6. Hijra
    Muhammad's emigration from Mecca to Medina
  7. Imam
    • Sunni tradition: leader of salat prayer
    • Shi'ite: umma's divenly guided leader
  8. Islam
  9. Jihad
    "Struggling" or "striving"
  10. Ka'aba
    • Contains the black stone
    • Sacred site in Mecca
  11. Mahdi
    Messianic figure
  12. Mecca
    • Most sacred place of Islam
    • Birthplace of Muhammad
  13. Medina
    Second most holy place in Islam
  14. Mosque
    "Place of prostration"
  15. Muezzin
    Individual who gives the call to prayer
  16. Muslim
    • Practitioner of Islam
    • "One who submits to God"
  17. Qur'an
  18. Salat
    Ritual prayer conduction 5x daily
  19. Shari'a
    all-inclusive legal code of Islam
  20. Shi'ites
    Muslims who believe that leadership should be hereditar
  21. Sunni
    • Majority sect
    • believe in consensual leadership
  22. Shirk
    • Heresy of assigning partner to God
    • Believing in Polytheism
  23. Sufi
    adherent of the mystical branch of Islam
  24. Sunna
    Customs and exemplary behavior of Muhammad
  25. Tawheed
    Doctrine "There is no god but Allah"
  26. 'Ulama
    Religious scholars or clergy who are the authoritative interpreters of Islamic law
  27. Umma
    The worldwide cummunity of Muslims
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