night flight

  1. with a fine-tooth comb
    very carefully
    I looked oover this place with a fine-tooth comb.
    с особой осторожностью, тщательно
  2. knock yourself out
    make a great effort
    Don't knock yourself out looking for them.
    сделать огромный вклад, усилие
  3. wing it
    rely one one's knowledge
    I didn't study for test, so I will have to wing it.
    действовать без подготовки
  4. to sweat bullets
    be nervous,
    to be very worried or frightened He was sweating bullets by the time the police had finished questioning him.
    • нервничать
    • очень беспокоиться
  5. have a prayer
    have a chance
    She wants to pass the test,but she didn't study. I don't think she has a prayer.
    иметь шанс, возможность
  6. a snape
    an easy task
    It's a snap.
    один момент, щелчок
  7. off the top of one's head
    improvisation, spontaneously, from memory
    I can't think off his address off the top of my head.
    • знать на память
    • быть спонтанным
    • не подготовленным заранее
  8. blow it
    lose a chance, mke a mistake
    He knew from the very beginning that he would blow it.
    упустить шанс
  9. pull smth. off
    to succeed in doing smth. difficult or unexpected
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