Judaism Terms

  1. Ashkenazim
    Those Jews who come from Europe, especially eastern Europe
  2. Bar/Bat Mitzvah
    "Son/Daughter of the Commandment"
  3. Diaspora
    The world outside Israel
  4. Get
    Religious divorce attainable only at the request of the husband
  5. Halacha
    The part of the oral Torah which is law
  6. Aggadah
    "Lore" part of the oral Torah
  7. Hasidim
    Members of a mystical Jewish movement emerging in eastern Europe in the eighteenth century
  8. Ketuvim
    • "writings"
    • 3rd part of the Jewish Bible
  9. Kippah
    The circular head covering
  10. Kosher
    • "fit"
    • Used primarily in relation to food which Jews are permitted to eat
  11. Mazzah
    Unleavened bread
  12. Mezuzah
  13. Mikveh
    Ritual Bath
  14. Minyan
    Quorum of 10 required for certain prayers
  15. Mishnah
    written compilation of oral halacha (law)
  16. Mohel
    Person who performs ritual of circumcision
  17. Purim
    Spring festival associated Queen Esther
  18. Pogrom
    Organized riots resulting in murder of Jews and pillaging
  19. Rabbi
    • "my master"
    • authorized teacher
  20. Rosh Hashanah
    Festival celebrating the new year
  21. Seder
    The order of the ritual of the Passover meal
  22. Shema
    • "hear"
    • Israel's fundamental confession of faith
  23. Shiva
    7 day mourning period for deceased relatives
  24. Succoth
    Feast of Tabernacles
  25. Sukkah
    • "Tabernacle"
    • Booth constructed for Succoth
  26. Tallit
    Prayer Shawl
  27. Talmud
    The foundational writings of Orthodox Jewish Life
  28. Tanak
    Name for Jewish Bible based on the three parts
  29. Tefillin
    Two leater boxes worn on the arm and forehead at weekday morning prayers
  30. Tzitzit
    fringes on prayer shawl, a reminder of the commandments in the law
  31. Yarmulka
    yiddish word for the kippah (round head covering)
  32. Yom Kippur
    The Day of Atonement
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