Zoroastrian Terms

  1. Ahura Mazda
    • "Lord of Wisdom"
    • Zoroastrian God
  2. Amesha Spentas
    • "Holy Immortals"
    • Six divine attributes/archangels
  3. Angra Maniyu
    Zoroastrian equivalent of Satan
  4. Asha
    • "Order, truth, justice"
    • governing principle of the world
  5. Avesta
    Sacred book of ancient Zoroastrianism
  6. Chinvat
    The bridge of judgement connecting this world with the afterlife
  7. dakhma
    • "grave"
    • Tower of Silence
  8. Farohar
    winged symbol of Zoroastrianism
  9. Gathas
    Hymns written by Zoroastrianism
  10. Gayomart
    "Primal Man" The first progenitor of the human race
  11. Haoma
    Sacred plant, juice used as offering
  12. Kusti
    "sacred cord"
  13. Magi
    The priestly caste
  14. Mashye and Mashyane
    Adam and Eve of Zoroastrianism
  15. Navjote
    Public ceremony of initiation
  16. Saoshyant
    The messiah figure of Zoroastrianism
  17. Sudre
    • White cotton undershirt
    • Symbol of commitment and protection
  18. Urvan
    The spirit or soul of man
  19. Yasht
    • Hymn to Ahura Mazda
    • part of the Avesta
  20. Zarathustra
    • The name of the founder of Zoroastriansim (Avestan language)
    • Greek = Zoroaster
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