Exam 3 CPS

  1. Surfactant:

    A) decreases surface tension
  2. The force allowing air to enter the lungs during inspiration is called

    D) atmospheric pressure
  3. Most of the O2 transport in the blood is

    A) bound to the heme
  4. CO2 is transported:

    C) all of these
  5. Decreasing blood pH will cause oxygen binding tto hemoglobin (HB) to

    A) decrease
  6. Decreasing the temperature of the body causes O2 binding to HB to

    A) increase
  7. The most important regulator of breathing rate is

    B) CO2
  8. The innermost layer of the digestive system is the

    C) mucosa
  9. Saliva is

    D) moistens food & begins breakdown of starch
  10. The activitie of the GI tract are regulated by the

    A) all of these
  11. Parietal cells produce:

    B) HCL
  12. The presence of food in the stomach triggers

    A) the gastric phase
  13. Enzymes secreted by the SI include

    D) disaccaridases
  14. Lacteals

    C) carry absorbed fat
  15. Glycolysis

    D) divides glucose into 2 3-carbon pyruvic acid
  16. Bile is

    D) an emulsifier
  17. Oxidative phosphorylation

    A) all of these
  18. The final electron acceptors

    D) oxygen
  19. During the absorptive state

    C) the liver forms glycogen
  20. Which of the following tissues is dependent on glucose for metabolism?

    B) nervous tissue
  21. The lipoproteins that carry lipids from the GI tract to the blood stream are

    A) chylomicrons
  22. The hormone that stimulates a release of HCO3- from the pancreas is

    A) secretin
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