s.s chapter 7 sec1and2

  1. republic
    a government in which citizens who have the right to vote select their leaders
  2. consul
    one of two officials who led the Roman Republic
  3. patrician
    member of an upper-class family in the Roman Republic
  4. plebeian
    an ordinary citizen in the Roman Republic
  5. veto
    the rejection of any planned action or rule by a person in power
  6. dictator
    ruler who has total control of the government
  7. Pax Romana
    the period of stability and prosperity in the Roman Empire, lasting from 27 b.c. to a.d. 180; “Roman peace”
  8. province
    a unit of an empire or a country; area of the Roman Empire ruled by a governor, who was supported by an army
  9. Colosseum
    a large amphitheater built in Rome arounda.d. 70; site of contests and combats between people and animals
  10. aqueduct
    a structure that carries water over long distances
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s.s chapter 7 sec1and2
s.s chapter 7 sec1and2