GCSE History

  1. the german government did not know how to the solve the problems of the depression therefore the weimar republic's government :
    failed to deal with the depression
  2. the government was handicaped by being a
    coalition government (because of the system of proportional representation) . When the depression began there were 5 parties in the coalition who disagreed on almost every decision .
  3. in particular the coalition government could not agree on
    how much unemployment benifit to give jobless people .
  4. what happened in 1930 due to the disagreements in the coalition government
    the social demorcrats resigned from the government rather than agree to cut unemployment pay , so now the government could no longer function
  5. no government could command a
    majority in the reichstag
  6. who did people blame for the economic depression
    the government
  7. mant people especially the middle class had bitter memories of the (include the result of these memories)
    hyper inflation that they feared would return again . As a result of this , confidence in the weimar republic fell and people began to turn to extremist groups such as the Nazi's and communists , who promised a way out of these difficulties
  8. the new chancellor , Burning had to govern by :
    decree , using president Hindenburgs emergancy powers
  9. Burning tried to overcome the depression by (include the attitude towards these measures)
    cutting government spending , cutting the wages of government workers and increasing taxes . these measures were unpopular and when the reichstag tried to stop them the president dismissed it and ordered for elections for a new reichstag
  10. the elections for september 1930 were a disaster for german democracy . the nazis increased their seats from
    12 to 107 , communists got 54 seats and social demorcrats lost 10
  11. the depression was a worldwide problem but Germany's reliance on American loans made the problem more serious . the weimar constitution made firm , decisive action by the government very difficult . these factors made it possible for
    Hitler to take advantage of the situation , leading to the collapse of the weimar republic
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