1. 감소하다
    to reduce decrease (Accidents)
  2. 갑자기
    suddenly unexpectedly (Accidents)
  3. 강도
    degree of strength; robber (Accidents)
  4. 결과
    result consequence (Accidents)
  5. 경비행기
    light airplane (Accidents)
  6. 경상
    slight (minor) injury (Accidents)
  7. 고기
    meat; fish (Accidents)
  8. place (Accidents)
  9. 공포
    fear terror (Accidents)
  10. 과속
    speeding (Accidents)
  11. 교차로
    intersection (Accidents)
  12. 구명 보트
    lifeboat (Accidents)
  13. 그중
    among them (Accidents)
  14. 기간
    interval period term (Accidents)
  15. 나타나다
    to appear (Accidents)
  16. 달리다
    to run rush hurry (Accidents)
  17. 당하다
    to encounter suffer (Accidents)
  18. and so on etc. (Accidents)
  19. 때문에
    because (of) (Accidents)
  20. 또는
    or either.....or (Accidents)
  21. 미끄러지다
    to slide glide skid (Accidents)
  22. 발생하다
    to occur happen break out (Accidents)
  23. 방화하다
    to set fire (Accidents)
  24. 벌이다
    to open hold (a rally) (Accidents)
  25. 병원
    hospital (Accidents)
  26. 부상
    injury (Accidents)
  27. 부상을 입다
    to get injured (Accidents)
  28. 부상자
    the wounded (Accidents)
  29. 분석하다
    to analyze (Accidents)
  30. 불나다
    A fire breaks out. (Accidents)
  31. 사건
    incident event case (Accidents)
  32. 사고
    accident trouble (Accidents)
  33. 사망
    death (Accidents)
  34. 사망자
    dead person (Accidents)
  35. 사실
    fact (Accidents)
  36. 상공
    sky (Accidents)
  37. 생명
    life (Accidents)
  38. 선원
    crew member (Accidents)
  39. 숨지다
    to die (Accidents)
  40. 승객
    passenger (Accidents)
  41. 승무원
    crew (member) (Accidents)
  42. 승용차
    passenger car (Accidents)
  43. 실종
    disappearance missing in action (Accidents)
  44. 안전 벨트
    safety belt (Accidents)
  45. 100 million (Accidents)
  46. 운수 (회사)
    transportation (company) (Accidents)
  47. 원인
    cause (Accidents)
  48. 위독하다
    to be in critical condition (Accidents)
  49. 이차선
    two lane (Accidents)
  50. 익사하다
    to die from drowning (Accidents)
  51. 인명 피해
    loss of human life (Accidents)
  52. 일으키다
    to cause give rise to start (Accidents)
  53. 자동차 전용 도로
    road exclusively for motoring (Accidents)
  54. 잡다
    to catch (Accidents)
  55. 재산 피해
    property damage (Accidents)
  56. 전부
    altogether all (Accidents)
  57. 중상
    serious injury (Accidents)
  58. 중화상
    severe burn (Accidents)
  59. 지진
    earthquake (Accidents)
  60. 지진계
    seismograph (Accidents)
  61. 진입하다
    to enter go into (Accidents)
  62. 착륙하다
    to land (Accidents)
  63. 착용률
    percentage of (people) wearing (safety belt) (Accidents)
  64. 추락하다
    to fall (airplane) crash (Accidents)
  65. 충돌하다
    to collide crash (Accidents)
  66. 침몰하다
    to sink go down (Accidents)
  67. 통제 구역
    controlled area (Accidents)
  68. 폭발하다
    to explode (Accidents)
  69. 피하다
    to avoid (Accidents)
  70. 해수욕장
    swimming beach bathing resort (Accidents)
  71. 현재
    present time at present (Accidents)
  72. 화재
    fire blaze (Accidents)
  73. -건
    counter for incidents (Accidents)
  74. -경
    about (Accidents)
  75. -기
    aircraft (Accidents)
  76. -보다
    than (Accidents)
  77. 3중 (충돌)
    three-way (collision) (Accidents)
  78. Verb Stem + 던
    used to ... was ...ing (Accidents)
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