1. 강도
    robber burglar (Crime)
  2. 검거하다
    to arrest (Crime)
  3. 검찰
    the prosecution public prosecutor (Crime)
  4. 경위
    details circumstances situation (Crime)
  5. 계약 결혼
    contract marriage (Crime)
  6. 구속
    restraint (Crime)
  7. 구속 영장
    warrant of arrest (Crime)
  8. 국내법
    national law municipal law (Crime)
  9. 국적 불명
    unknown nationality (Crime)
  10. 국제법
    international law (Crime)
  11. 귀순하다
    to defect (Crime)
  12. 금품
    money and goods (Crime)
  13. 납치하다
    to kidnap (Crime)
  14. 달아나다
    to run away flee speed away (Crime)
  15. 도난(당하다)
    robbery theft; (to get robbed) (Crime)
  16. 도둑(놈)
    thief robber (Crime)
  17. 무장 괴한
    armed stranger armed thug (Crime)
  18. 무죄
    not guilty innocent (Crime)
  19. 미국 연방 수사국
    FBI (Crime)
  20. 반항하다
    to resist (Crime)
  21. 벌금(형)
    (punishment with) fine penalty (Crime)
  22. 범인
    criminal convict (Crime)
  23. 범죄
    crime (Crime)
  24. 범행
    criminal act (Crime)
  25. 비무장지대
    demilitarized zone (DMZ) (Crime)
  26. 빼앗다/뺏다
    to take (something) by force snatch rob (Crime)
  27. 사업가
    businessman (Crime)
  28. 사형
    capital punishment death penalty (Crime)
  29. 살인하다
    to murder (Crime)
  30. 살해하다
    to kill murder (Crime)
  31. 선고하다
    to sentence (Crime)
  32. 선박
    ship vessel (Crime)
  33. 소녀
    young girl maiden (Crime)
  34. 소속하다
    to belong (Crime)
  35. 수배하다
    to begin a search for cast a dragnet (Crime)
  36. 수사하다
    to investigate (Crime)
  37. 신고하다
    to report notify (authorities) (Crime)
  38. 신원
    identity (Crime)
  39. 신청하다
    to apply request file (Crime)
  40. 여권
    passport (Crime)
  41. 요구하다
    to demand request (Crime)
  42. 용의자
    suspect suspected person (Crime)
  43. 위장 결혼
    fraudulent marriage (Crime)
  44. 위협하다
    to threaten (Crime)
  45. 유죄 판결
    conviction judgment of guilty (Crime)
  46. 음주 운전
    drunk driving (Crime)
  47. 일당
    gang party (Crime)
  48. 자백하다
    to confess (Crime)
  49. 잔인하다
    to be cruel brutal (Crime)
  50. 조사하다
    to investigate (Crime)
  51. 죽다
    to die (Crime)
  52. 죽이다
    to kill (Crime)
  53. 증거
    evidence proof (Crime)
  54. act conduct (Crime)
  55. 징역형
    jail sentence (Crime)
  56. 찌르다
    to stab pierce (Crime)
  57. 처리하다
    to handle take care of (Crime)
  58. (counter for vessels) (Crime)
  59. knife sword (Crime)
  60. 패물
    valuables (Crime)
  61. 폭행
    violence assault (Crime)
  62. 표류하다
    to drift about (Crime)
  63. 해경
    National Maritime Police (acronym) (Crime)
  64. 해양 경찰대
    National Maritime Police (Crime)
  65. 혐의
    suspicion charge (Crime)
  66. 확정하다
    to confirm make a definite decision (Crime)
  67. 훔치다
    to steal (Crime)
  68. 흉기
    murderous (lethal) weapon (Crime)
  69. -단
    gang group party (Crime)
  70. -대
    period generation era (Crime)
  71. -어치
    worth (Crime)
  72. -장
    place (Crime)
  73. 3인조
    trio (of) of three persons (Crime)
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