1. 가사
    household affairs housekeeping (Culture)
  2. 가장
    most (Culture)
  3. 가정
    home (Culture)
  4. 가족
    family (Culture)
  5. 개막하다
    to begin (a performance) open (a conference) (Culture)
  6. 개성
    individuality personality (Culture)
  7. 계 모임
    Korean mutual aid club meeting (Culture)
  8. 고추 가루
    red pepper powder (Culture)
  9. 공휴일
    holiday (Culture)
  10. 교향악단
    symphony orchestra (Culture)
  11. 구정
    New Year's Day by the lunar calendar (Culture)
  12. 금지 조치
    prohibitive measures (Culture)
  13. 기성복
    ready-made clothes (Culture)
  14. 남녀 평등
    equality of men and women (Culture)
  15. 달라지다
    to become different change (Culture)
  16. 당일 코스
    one day course (Culture)
  17. 대강당
    main auditorium (Culture)
  18. 대부분
    most major portion majority (Culture)
  19. 동창회
    alumni association alumni meeting (reunion) (Culture)
  20. 드러내다
    to show reveal expose distinguish (Culture)
  21. 들여오다
    to bring in import (Culture)
  22. 마늘
    garlic (Culture)
  23. 망년회
    New Year's Eve party (Culture)
  24. 명절
    festive day big holiday (Culture)
  25. 문공부
    Ministry of Culture and Information (Culture)
  26. 문란하게 하다
    to corrupt (public morals) disturb (social order) (Culture)
  27. 문화 회관
    cultural center (Culture)
  28. 민속
    ethnic (folk) customs (Culture)
  29. 방송 위원회
    broadcasting committee (Culture)
  30. 방영하다
    to telecast (Culture)
  31. 보류하다
    to withhold suspend (Culture)
  32. 보수성
    conservatism (Culture)
  33. 부부
    husband and wife (Culture)
  34. 붐비다
    to be crowded (packed) (Culture)
  35. 비율
    ratio (Culture)
  36. 사회 질서
    social order (Culture)
  37. New Year's Day (Culture)
  38. 성묘하다
    to visit one's ancestral grave (Culture)
  39. 성별
    distinction of sex (Culture)
  40. 쇠다
    to celebrate (observe) (the festival day) (Culture)
  41. 수입하다
    to import (Culture)
  42. 시대상
    phases of the times (Culture)
  43. 신정 과세
    celebration (observation) of New Year's Day (Culture)
  44. 양장
    Western style clothes (Culture)
  45. 연예인
    performer showfolk (Culture)
  46. 외화
    foreign movie; foreign currency (Culture)
  47. 음악제
    music festival (Culture)
  48. 의식
    awareness consciousness (Culture)
  49. 이상
    above more than (Culture)
  50. 인사말
    greetings (Culture)
  51. 입다
    to wear to put on (clothes) (Culture)
  52. 자체
    itself (Culture)
  53. 장면
    scene (Culture)
  54. 전쟁
    war (Culture)
  55. 지휘자
    conductor (of a symphony orchestra) (Culture)
  56. 지휘하다
    to conduct (an orchestra or a concert); to command (a military unit or troops) (Culture)
  57. 청취자
    (radio) listener (Culture)
  58. 추석
    Harvest Moon Day (Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving Day) (Culture)
  59. 추천하다
    to recommend (Culture)
  60. 춤 (추다)
    (to dance) a dance (Culture)
  61. 친목회
    social gathering (to promote friendship) (Culture)
  62. 통하다
    to get through go through (Culture)
  63. 편하다
    to be comfortable (Culture)
  64. 한가위
    Harvest Moon Day (Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving Day) (Culture)
  65. 한복
    Korean traditional clothes (Culture)
  66. 호화판
    deluxe edition (Culture)
  67. -다고 보다
    to regard (something) as (Culture)
  68. 1인당
    per person (Culture)
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