Unit VII ID Terms

  1. reform movement from 1900-1920; wanted govt to take a more active position in solving eco & soc problems; muckrakers prominent in movement; mainly middle-class
  2. muckraker; wrote How the Other Half Lives; exposed conditions of slums
    Jacob Riis
  3. 1st muckraker; Shame of the Cities; condemned municipal corruption
    Lincoln Steffens
  4. muckraker; History of the Standard Oil Company; corrupt practices of monopolies
    Ida M. Tarbell
  5. muckraker; campaigned against lynching; helped decrease # of lynching (esp. in North) & involved Afr-Amer women in suffrage
    Ida. B. Wells
  6. journalists, social critics who wrote exposés which drew calls for reform; educated people about wrongs of society, got more people involved in reform
  7. promoted “Wisconsin Idea;” est. Reference Bureau, public utility commission; “grassroots democracy”
    Robert M. LaFollette
  8. est. Hull House settlement house
    Jane Addams
  9. est. National Consumers League to improve working conditions for women & children, workers’ compensation, etc.
    Florence Kelley
  10. upheld 10-hr workday for women
    Muller v. Oregon
  11. voided 10-hr workday for workers; violated “liberty of contract”
    Lochner v. New York
  12. upheld 10-hr workday for men & women
    Bunting v. Oregon
  13. legalized federal income tax
    Sixteenth Amendment
  14. direct election of senators
    Seventeenth Amendment
  15. Prohibition
    Eighteenth Amendment
  16. women’s suffrage
    Nineteenth Amendment
  17. militant prohibition crusader
    Carrie Nation
  18. created Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
    Frances E. Willard
  19. important suffragette; organized march on Washington, D.C.; helped secure the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment
    Alice Paul
  20. struck down OK’s “grandfather clause”
    Guinn v. United States
  21. leader of the Black Separatist movement; founded UNIA; advocated return to Africa
    Marcus Garvey
  22. appointed Chief Forester, Forestry Commission by TR; fired in controversy in Taft’s presidency regarding Ballinger
    Gifford Pinchot
  23. naturalist & friend w/ TR; worked to designate national parks, wildlife refuges, & national natural monuments
    John Muir
  24. Sect. of the Interior; accused of selling lands to private group; exonerated; controversy alienated Taft from progressives
    Richard Ballinger
  25. TR’s platform for the Election of 1912; increase regulatory power of fed. govt
    New Nationalism
  26. Wilson’s platform for the Election of 1912; eliminate all trusts, lower tariffs, restore competition; during presidency, to tear down Triple Wall of Privilege; eventually became more like New Nationalism w/ est. of Federal Trade Commission
    New Freedom
  27. Germany tried to enlist Mexico to help fight against US if the US entered war; if Germany won, it would return lands lost in Mex-Amer War to Mexico
    Zimmerman Telegraph
  28. Germany promised not to sink any passenger ships without warning (1915)
    Arabic Pledge
  29. head of the Committee on Public Information; in charge of massive propaganda campaign to increase public support for the war; promoted “expression, not repression,” which inadvertently condoned mob violence and witch hunts
    George Creel
  30. upheld the Espionage Act; civil liberties could be suspended if posed danger to the public
    Schenck v. United States
  31. challenged laws that prohibited the teaching of evolution; “monkey” trial b/w ACLU-supported Clarence Darrow (defended Scopes) & Wm. Jennings Bryan; helped end fundamentalist crusade
    John T. Scopes
  32. pioneer in the use of modern media, especially radio, which she drew upon through the growing appeal of popular entertainment in North America
    Sister Aimee
  33. 1st solo transatlantic flight (1927); helped popularize commercial flight
    Charles Lindbergh
  34. 1st solo female transatlantic flight (1931); helped popularize commercial flight
    Amelia Earhart
  35. famous African American poet; literary leader of Harlem Renaissance
    Langston Hughes
  36. famous African American novelist; literary leader of Harlem Renaissance
    Claude McKay
  37. famous writer of the Jazz Age; wrote The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night; part of the “lost generation;” modernist writer; created own reality; avoided traditional structures; focused on isolation, corruption of modern times
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
  38. developed Theory of Relativity (space, time, & mass not absolutes); caused many to question progress
    Albert Einstein
  39. revolutionized mass-production, assembly-line technology; Model T caused the growth of the automobile industry, which then changed society of 1920s
    Henry Ford
  40. employers offered alternative to unions; profit-sharing, bonuses, health programs
    “welfare capitalism”
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