1. 경우
    case (Education)
  2. 고교생
    high school students (Education)
  3. 교수
    professor (Education)
  4. 교육부
    Ministry of Education (Education)
  5. 교육비
    educational expenses (Education)
  6. 교장
    principal (of a school) (Education)
  7. 교재
    teaching materials training aids (Education)
  8. 국립
    national (Education)
  9. ear (Education)
  10. 기초
    basic (Education)
  11. 날짜
    date (Education)
  12. 넘다
    to exceed; cross over (Education)
  13. eye (Education)
  14. 담임 교사
    teacher in charge homeroom teacher (Education)
  15. 동안-
    during (Education)
  16. 뒤지다
    to lag behind (Education)
  17. 들다
    to cost; to lodge; to lift (Education)
  18. 들어 있다
    to be contained (Education)
  19. 등록금
    registration fee (Education)
  20. 따라서
    accordingly therefore (Education)
  21. 모집
    recruitment (Education)
  22. 물리(학)
    physics physical science (Education)
  23. 미술
    fine arts (Education)
  24. 박사
    doctor (Education)
  25. 방법
    method (Education)
  26. 방학
    school vacation (Education)
  27. 배출하다
    to produce in succession appear one after another (Education)
  28. 사립
    private (as in a private school) (Education)
  29. 새로운
    new novel (Education)
  30. 생물
    biology; living thing (Education)
  31. 성적
    grade the result of an examination; school record (Education)
  32. number (Education)
  33. 수업료
    school fee tuition (Education)
  34. 수업료
    school tuition (Education)
  35. 시대
    era (Education)
  36. 시청각 기구
    audio-visual equipment (Education)
  37. 신입생
    new student incoming freshman (Education)
  38. 실력
    competence real ability (Education)
  39. 실험 실습비
    lab fee (fee for laboratory work & practice) (Education)
  40. 아동
    children (Education)
  41. 어리다
    to be very young (used mostly for children) (Education)
  42. 예체능계
    field of the arts and physical education (Education)
  43. 음악
    music (Education)
  44. 인문계
    field of the humanities (Education)
  45. 입시 경쟁
    competition for the entrance examination (Education)
  46. 자연계
    field of natural sciences (Education)
  47. 재학생
    enrolled student (Education)
  48. 전공하다
    to major (Education)
  49. 전기 공학
    electrical engineering (Education)
  50. 전문 대학
    two-year technical (professional) college (Education)
  51. 정원
    fixed number of personnel (Education)
  52. 졸업식
    commencement (Education)
  53. 책임
    responsibility (Education)
  54. 체육
    physical training (education) (Education)
  55. 초중고교
    primary and secondary schools (Education)
  56. 총장
    president (of a university) (Education)
  57. 축사
    congratulatory address (Education)
  58. 치열하다
    to be fierce intense (Education)
  59. 퇴장하다
    to withdraw from the scene (Education)
  60. 특기자
    one who has a particular skill in the arts sports and the like (Education)
  61. 포함되다
    to be included (Education)
  62. 포함하다
    to include (Education)
  63. 표창장
    certificate of commendation citation (Education)
  64. 하숙비
    boarding expenses (Education)
  65. 학력 평가
    assessment of scholastic ability (achievements) (Education)
  66. 학사
    Bachelor of Arts (Science) (Education)
  67. 학위 수여식
    commencement (in universities colleges and schools) (Education)
  68. 한국 과학 기술원
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (Education)
  69. 해외 유학
    study abroad (Education)
  70. 허가하다
    to permit allow (Education)
  71. 화학
    chemistry (Education)
  72. -개국
    (counter for nations) (Education)
  73. -년도
    a year term (Education)
  74. -회
    society/association of - (Education)
  75. -회
    the -th (as in the 38th) time round (Education)
  76. 4년제 대학
    four-year college (Education)
  77. Verb Stem + 자(마자)
    as soon as just as (Education)
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