Chapter 2: Energy from Plants

  1. How do pine trees reproduce?
    They make seeds but do not have flowers.
  2. How would scientists classify an animal that has a backbone?
    They would classify them as a vertebrate.
  3. A spider is an example of what?
    It is an example of an arthropod.
  4. What does an animal having brown fur mean?
    It means it is an inherited trait of an animal.
  5. How could you describe migration?
    • Migration could be described as:
    • Behavior animals are born knowing.
  6. What is one behavior that bears must learn from its parents?
    How to catch a fish.
  7. The marking that butterflies have to scare predators are an example of what?
  8. What is the best way to describe a liverworts plant?
    They are nonvascular.
  9. What is the second part of an organism's scientific name?
    It is the species.
  10. What kingdom is it that lives on land and absorbs its food from other living and non-living things?
    It is the Fungi.
  11. Why would one use a microscope?
    One would use it to study the small details of a cell.
  12. What does the nucleus do?
    The nucleus controls the cell's activities.
  13. What do both plants and animals cell have?
    They have a cell membrane.
  14. What is the smallest unit of a living thing?
    It is the cell.
  15. What can one assert?
    One can assert that cells that look similar can have different jobs.
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