1. 가능성
    possibility (History)
  2. 강력히
    strongly (History)
  3. 개입하다
    to intervene (History)
  4. 거두다
    to collect; harvest; obtain (History)
  5. 경호실장
    presidential head bodyguard (Korean equivalent to Chief of the Secret Service) (History)
  6. 곳곳
    everywhere place after place (History)
  7. 공직 사퇴
    resignation from public office (History)
  8. 구호
    slogan (History)
  9. 국가 재건 최고 회의
    National Reconstruction Supreme Council (History)
  10. 군대
    troops (History)
  11. 군사 쿠데타
    military coup d'?at (History)
  12. 권총
    pistol (History)
  13. 규탄하다
    to censure impeach denounce (History)
  14. 긴급 전화
    emergency phone hot line (History)
  15. 남경 대학살
    Nanjing holocaust (massacre) (History)
  16. 당국
    the authorities (concerned) (History)
  17. 대규모
    large scale (History)
  18. 대성공
    great success (History)
  19. 돌파하다
    to break through (History)
  20. 뜻하지 않은
    unexpected (History)
  21. 만찬장
    banquet place (History)
  22. 맞다
    to be hit hit (History)
  23. 매국 외교
    sellout diplomacy (History)
  24. 목적
    purpose objective (History)
  25. body (History)
  26. 무장 경찰
    armed police (History)
  27. 무참히
    cruelly (History)
  28. 민주화 운동
    democratization movement (History)
  29. 반혁명 세력
    anti-revolution circle (group) (History)
  30. 발견하다
    to discover find out detect (History)
  31. 북진하다
    to march north (History)
  32. 비극
    tragedy (History)
  33. 비밀
    secret (History)
  34. 비상 계엄령
    emergency martial law (History)
  35. 비상 사태
    state of emergency (History)
  36. 비상 조치법
    emergency measures (law) (History)
  37. 선포하다
    to proclaim (History)
  38. 수도
    capital (city) (History)
  39. 수습하다
    to get under control (History)
  40. 시사하다
    to hint suggest (History)
  41. 쏘다
    to shoot (History)
  42. 역사
    history (History)
  43. 연금하다
    to put under house arrest (History)
  44. 연행하다
    to take (a suspect to a police station) (History)
  45. 유엔군
    UN Forces (History)
  46. 이후
    since (then) after this (that) (History)
  47. 일기
    diary (History)
  48. 전남대
    Chunnam University (History)
  49. 전면 전쟁
    all-out (full-size) war (History)
  50. 점령하다
    to occupy (History)
  51. 제 3차 대전
    the Third World War (History)
  52. 제국 주의
    imperialism (History)
  53. 주도자
    leader (of a movement) prime mover (History)
  54. 중공군 개입
    intervention of Chinese Communist Army (History)
  55. 중심
    center (History)
  56. 중앙 정보부장
    the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (History)
  57. 중일 전쟁
    Sino-Japanese War (1937) (History)
  58. 집권하다
    to take power rise to power (History)
  59. 참모 총장
    chief of staff (History)
  60. 철수 작전
    withdrawal operation (History)
  61. 철수하다
    to withdraw (History)
  62. 체포하다
    to arrest (History)
  63. 총탄
    bullet (History)
  64. 포로
    prisoner of war (POW) (History)
  65. 피하다
    to avoid escape avert (History)
  66. 학살하다
    to slaughter (History)
  67. 학생 시위
    student demonstration (History)
  68. 학생회장
    president of the student body (History)
  69. 할 수 없이
    unavoidably inevitably (History)
  70. 항거하다
    to resist rebel (against) (History)
  71. year (History)
  72. 혁명 공약
    revolution pledge (History)
  73. 혁명 위원회
    revolution committee (History)
  74. -여
    more than - - and more over - (History)
  75. 4.19
    April 19th (Student Movement) (History)
  76. 6.25 사변
    June 25 Incident (The Korean War) (History)
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