1. 가운데
    center middle (Industry)
  2. 가운데(에)
    among (Industry)
  3. 감소
    diminution decrease reduction decline (Industry)
  4. 갖추다
    to be equipped with (Industry)
  5. 개방하다
    to open throw open (Industry)
  6. 개선하다
    to improve make better (Industry)
  7. 건설하다
    to construct build (Industry)
  8. 격차
    difference (in quality) a differential (Industry)
  9. 결렬
    breakdown rupture (Industry)
  10. 경기
    business condition (Industry)
  11. 경쟁력
    competitive power (Industry)
  12. 고용하다
    to employ hire (Industry)
  13. 공급하다
    to supply provide (Industry)
  14. 관심사
    a matter of concern and interest (Industry)
  15. 교섭하다
    to negotiate bargain (Industry)
  16. 국제선
    international airline (Industry)
  17. 규모
    size (Industry)
  18. 기록
    record (as document); (new winning) record (Industry)
  19. 기사
    article account (Industry)
  20. 기술
    skill technique (Industry)
  21. 기업
    enterprise corporation (Industry)
  22. 노조 (노동 조합)
    labor union (Industry)
  23. 대공보
    name of a Red Chinese newspaper (Industry)
  24. 대상국
    target/subject country (Industry)
  25. 대일
    toward/with Japan (Industry)
  26. 도입하다
    to introduce (foreign things) (Industry)
  27. 돌아서다
    to turn around turn back (Industry)
  28. 동구
    Eastern Europe (Industry)
  29. 막강하다
    to be mighty enormously powerful (Industry)
  30. 무역하다
    to trade with commerce (Industry)
  31. 부족하다
    to be insufficient be short of (Industry)
  32. 사정
    situation condition (Industry)
  33. 산업
    industry (Industry)
  34. 삼성 전자 회사
    SAMSUNG Electronic Company (Industry)
  35. 성장하다
    to grow up thrive (Industry)
  36. 수출하다
    to export (Industry)
  37. 시장
    market market place (Industry)
  38. 신발
    footwear footgear shoes (Industry)
  39. 실업률
    unemployment rate (Industry)
  40. 실적
    actual result past record record of performance (Industry)
  41. 업계
    business world (Industry)
  42. 운항
    operation or service (of an airline a steamer etc.) (Industry)
  43. 원자재
    raw materials (Industry)
  44. 유명하다
    to be famous (Industry)
  45. 이에 따라
    in accordance with this (Industry)
  46. 이제
    now (Industry)
  47. 적자
    red figures (in) the red (Industry)
  48. 전면
    all-out full-scale (Industry)
  49. 전자 렌지
    microwave oven (Industry)
  50. 제조업
    manufacturing industry (Industry)
  51. 제품
    manufactured goods product (Industry)
  52. 조종사
    pilot (Industry)
  53. 준공하다
    to complete (construction) (Industry)
  54. 중공계
    Red Chinese line (Industry)
  55. 중단하다
    to suspend discontinue give up (Industry)
  56. 증가하다
    to increase (Industry)
  57. 지연하다
    to delay (Industry)
  58. 진출하다
    to advance (into) (Industry)
  59. 철강
    iron and steel (Industry)
  60. 최대
    the largest the biggest (Industry)
  61. 최신
    the newest up-to-date (Industry)
  62. 취급하다
    to treat deal (with) (Industry)
  63. 친-
    pro- (Industry)
  64. 파업하다
    to strike walk out have a strike (Industry)
  65. width; scale (Industry)
  66. 현대 자동차
    HYUNDAI Automobile Company (Industry)
  67. 현대 중공업
    HYUNDAI Heavy Industry Company (Industry)
  68. 호조
    favorable (satisfactory) tone going well (with one's work) (Industry)
  69. 화공품
    chemical product (Industry)
  70. 확대하다
    to magnify enlarge expand (Industry)
  71. 흑자
    black figures (Industry)
  72. (무역) 수지
    balance of (trade) (Industry)
  73. -편
    (suffix for a flight number) (Industry)
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