1. 가입
    entry admission (Relations)
  2. 개최하다
    to open (a conference) (Relations)
  3. 계획하다
    to plan (Relations)
  4. 공식 방문
    state visit (Relations)
  5. 공화국
    republic (Relations)
  6. 관계
    relationship; relation (Relations)
  7. 관계자
    person concerned (Relations)
  8. 관리
    government official (Relations)
  9. 국무 장관
    secretary of state (U.S.) (Relations)
  10. 국제
    international (Relations)
  11. 기간중
    during the period (Relations)
  12. 나라
    country nation (Relations)
  13. 내용
    content (Relations)
  14. 내한하다
    to come to Korea (Relations)
  15. 녹화하다
    to record on a video tape (Relations)
  16. 논의하다
    to discuss (Relations)
  17. 다음과 같이
    as follows in the following manner (Relations)
  18. 당국
    authorities; officials concerned (Relations)
  19. 대사급
    ambassador level (Relations)
  20. 대통령
    president (of a nation) (Relations)
  21. 대하여
    regarding pertaining to (Relations)
  22. 덧붙이다
    to add (to comments speeches announcements etc.) (Relations)
  23. 둘러싸다
    to surround (Relations)
  24. 무역
    trade (Relations)
  25. 미-소/미.소/미소
    the U.S. and the Soviet Union (Relations)
  26. 밀접하다
    to be close (Relations)
  27. 발표하다
    to announce (Relations)
  28. 밝히다
    to reveal (Relations)
  29. 방문하다
    to visit (Relations)
  30. 방안
    plan scheme (Relations)
  31. 방한하다
    to visit Korea (Relations)
  32. 벌리다
    to unfold spread open (Relations)
  33. 사무 총장
    secretary general (Relations)
  34. 사무소
    business office (Relations)
  35. 사태
    incident situation (Relations)
  36. 세계
    world (Relations)
  37. 소련
    Soviet Russia (Relations)
  38. 수교하다
    to establish diplomatic relations (Relations)
  39. 수립하다
    to establish (Relations)
  40. 순방
    round of visits (Relations)
  41. 순조롭다
    to be favorable smooth-sailing (Relations)
  42. 아래와 같이
    as follows as stated below (Relations)
  43. 아태 지역
    Asian and Pacific region (Relations)
  44. 안보
    security (Relations)
  45. 안정
    stability (Relations)
  46. 양국간
    between two nations (Relations)
  47. 연방
    federation (Relations)
  48. 연설
    speech (Relations)
  49. 외교
    diplomacy (Relations)
  50. 외무 장관
    minister of Foreign Affairs (Soviet Korea) (Relations)
  51. 움직임
    move (Relations)
  52. 위기
    crisis (Relations)
  53. 위하여
    for for the sake of (Relations)
  54. 유엔 총회
    United National General Assembly (UNGA) (Relations)
  55. 유지하다
    to maintain (Relations)
  56. 이래
    since (Relations)
  57. 임명하다
    to appoint (Relations)
  58. 입장
    point of view position (Relations)
  59. 장관
    minister (of a ministry of the Korean government) (Relations)
  60. 적극적이다
    to be positive (Relations)
  61. 전달하다
    to convey forward (Relations)
  62. 접촉
    contact (Relations)
  63. 제의하다
    to propose suggest offer (Relations)
  64. 조치
    measures (Relations)
  65. 주도로
    with the initiative of (Relations)
  66. 주재하다
    to reside be stationed (in) (Relations)
  67. 주-
    stationed in - (Relations)
  68. 중공
    Communist China (Relations)
  69. 참가하다
    to participate in (Relations)
  70. 취하다
    to take (attitude position policy etc.) (Relations)
  71. side (Relations)
  72. 태도
    attitude (Relations)
  73. 한일
    Korea and Japan (Relations)
  74. 해결
    solution (Relations)
  75. 회담하다
    to have a talk (conference) (Relations)
  76. 후에
    after (Relations)
  77. -만에
    after (for recurring events) (Relations)
  78. -을 예정이다
    to be scheduled to plan to (Relations)
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