1. 가리다
    to cover shield (Science)
  2. 개발하다
    to develop (Science)
  3. 경험
    experience (Science)
  4. 과학
    science (Science)
  5. 과학자
    scientist (Science)
  6. 관찰하다
    to observe (Science)
  7. 광선
    light beam ray (Science)
  8. 극초음속
    hyper-sonic speed (Science)
  9. 기술
    technique technology (Science)
  10. 기술 수준
    technology level (Science)
  11. 기억하다
    to remember (Science)
  12. 누출하다
    to leak (Science)
  13. 느리다
    to be slow (Science)
  14. moon (Science)
  15. 대기권
    atmosphere (Science)
  16. 대량
    large/massive volume (Science)
  17. 뒤떨어지다
    to lag behind (Science)
  18. earth ground land (Science)
  19. 맞먹다
    to correspond be matching (Science)
  20. 반도체
    semi-conductor (Science)
  21. 발전
    power generating (Science)
  22. 발전 시설
    power generating facility (Science)
  23. 발전기
    power generator (Science)
  24. 발전소
    power plant (Science)
  25. 발전하다
    to generate electricity (Science)
  26. 방사능
    radioactivity (Science)
  27. 방지하다
    to prevent (Science)
  28. 변환하다
    to change transform (Science)
  29. 부분
    part (Science)
  30. 붓다
    to pour (Science)
  31. 비행 속도
    flight speed (Science)
  32. 비행하다
    to fly (Science)
  33. light color (Science)
  34. 생기다
    to be born come into existence (Science)
  35. 성공하다
    to succeed (Science)
  36. 소비
    consumption (Science)
  37. inside innermost recess (Science)
  38. hand (Science)
  39. 실험하다
    to experiment (Science)
  40. 아무나
    just anyone (Science)
  41. 압력
    pressure (Science)
  42. 액체
    liquid (Science)
  43. 양질
    good quality (Science)
  44. 연결하다
    to connect (Science)
  45. 연구하다
    to research (Science)
  46. heat fever (Science)
  47. 예측하다
    to estimate forecast (Science)
  48. 용량
    capacity volume (Science)
  49. 우주선
    spaceship (Science)
  50. 원상태
    original state (Science)
  51. 원자력 발전소
    atomic power plant (Science)
  52. sound (Science)
  53. 음성
    voice (Science)
  54. 인식
    recognition (Science)
  55. 일식
    solar eclipse (Science)
  56. 자동적
    automatic (Science)
  57. 장치
    equipment apparatus (Science)
  58. 재래식
    conventional style (Science)
  59. 재생하다
    to reproduce (Science)
  60. 전기 전자 공학과
    department of electric and electronics engineering (Science)
  61. 전력
    electrical power electricity (Science)
  62. 조사 대상
    object of survey focus of survey (Science)
  63. 조종하다
    to pilot navigate control (Science)
  64. 즉각
    instantly (Science)
  65. 증기
    steam (Science)
  66. 지상
    (above) the ground (on) the earth (Science)
  67. 지하
    underground (Science)
  68. 짧다
    to be short (Science)
  69. 최첨단
    highest peak (Science)
  70. 탐지하다
    to detect (Science)
  71. 태양
    sun (Science)
  72. 통신
    communications (Science)
  73. 풍력
    velocity of the wind wind force (Science)
  74. 항공기
    aircraft (Science)
  75. 현상
    phenomenon (Science)
  76. 화력
    thermal power power of fire (Science)
  77. 회로선
    integrated circuit of electricity (Science)
  78. -년대
    ten-year period (Science)
  79. -자
    letter (Science)
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