Spring Final - Persuasion, Propaganda, Literary:Poetry Terms.txt

  1. bandwagon
    most common, everyone's doing it/using it
  2. card stacking
    only the positive info is used; not the negative
  3. facts and figures
    uses scientific proof; usually very specific
  4. plain folks
    views reflect those of a common persons working for the benefit of the common people
  5. snob appeal
    only elite members of group/ society uses this item
  6. testimonial
    famous person used to promote item
  7. glitter generalities
    vagure references to the positive benefits of a product or course of action. Emotionally appealing words. Ask for approval w/o examination fo the reason
  8. citing authority
    experts in this field endorse a product based on his/her expertise
  9. alliteration
    repetition of the initial consonant
  10. anaphora
    repetion of beginning clauses
  11. connotation
    secondary menaing/dictionary meaning of a word or expression
  12. diction
    word choice
  13. ellipsis
    omitting a word implied by the previous clause
  14. flashback
    to flashback to waht has already happened
  15. litotes
    type of meiosis (understatement) in which writer uses a statement in the negative to create the effect
  16. metaphor
    implicit comparison, when something is something
  17. mood
    what the readers feel when reading
  18. onomatopoeia
    words taht sound like what they mean
  19. logos
    strategic use of logic, claims and evidence
  20. ethos
    used to establish the write as fair, open-minded, honest and knowledgeable. Creates a sense of him or herself as trustowrthy and credible
  21. pathos
    targets the emotions of the reader and creates a connection
  22. logical fallacy
    errors or flaws in reasoning
  23. parenthesis
    interruptor using dashes
  24. personification
    giving human qualities to inanimate objects
  25. puns
    play on words, twists meaning of words
  26. repition
    something that is repeated
  27. simile
    explicit comparison, features a specific connector word (like or as)
  28. symbol
    an ordinary object, word, image with a significant meaning, representing something
  29. synecdoche
    using a part of a physical object to represent a whole object
  30. syntax
    sentence structure
  31. theme
    the overall idea, motif
  32. tone
    attitude the reading conveys
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Spring Final - Persuasion, Propaganda, Literary:Poetry Terms.txt
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