1. 감독
    (movie) director (sports) manager (Sports)
  2. 결승전
    final game (Sports)
  3. 경기
    match contest game (Sports)
  4. 계약금
    contract deposit (Sports)
  5. 고민하다
    to be in agony (Sports)
  6. 고산병
    mountain sickness (Sports)
  7. ball (Sports)
  8. 교양 프로그램
    educational (cultural) program (Sports)
  9. 교환하다
    to exchange (Sports)
  10. 기록
    record (Sports)
  11. 기증하다
    to donate contribute (Sports)
  12. 남겨 두다
    to have (something) left leave (person thing) behind (Sports)
  13. 넘기다
    to make (something) cross over hand over (Sports)
  14. 농구
    basketball (Sports)
  15. 누르다
    to press down (Sports)
  16. wall fence (Sports)
  17. 대결하다
    to confront (Sports)
  18. 대상
    object subject (Sports)
  19. 대회
    tournament convention (Sports)
  20. 도전하다
    to challenge (Sports)
  21. 등반하다
    to climb (Sports)
  22. 때리다
    to hit (Sports)
  23. 마지막
    last (Sports)
  24. 매력
    charm (Sports)
  25. 미만
    less than not more than under (Sports)
  26. 미식 축구
    football (Sports)
  27. 배구
    volleyball (Sports)
  28. 비평가
    critics (Sports)
  29. 생활
    living life (Sports)
  30. 서명하다
    to sign (Sports)
  31. 선수
    athlete player (Sports)
  32. 선수권
    championship title (Sports)
  33. 수집하다
    to collect (Sports)
  34. 승리
    victory (Sports)
  35. 시민
    citizen (Sports)
  36. 시청하다
    to watch (TV) (Sports)
  37. 실시하다
    to implement put into practice (Sports)
  38. 실패하다
    to fail be unsuccessful (Sports)
  39. 심사하다
    to judge screen (Sports)
  40. 없이
    without (Sports)
  41. 오락 프로
    entertainment program (Sports)
  42. 우승하다
    to win a victory (championship) (Sports)
  43. 우표
    (postage) stamp (Sports)
  44. 운동 부족
    lack of exercise (Sports)
  45. 일부(분)
    one part (portion) (Sports)
  46. 전천후 스포츠
    all-weather sports (Sports)
  47. 정복하다
    to conquer (Sports)
  48. 정상
    summit peak (Sports)
  49. 제도
    system (Sports)
  50. 제압하다
    to gain supremacy over (Sports)
  51. 제작비
    production cost (Sports)
  52. 좋아하다
    to like (Sports)
  53. 중거리 슛
    mid-range shooting (Sports)
  54. 즐기다
    to enjoy (Sports)
  55. 진출하다
    to advance (into) (Sports)
  56. 청소년
    youth juvenile (Sports)
  57. 최우수
    best (Sports)
  58. 최우수 영화
    best movie (Sports)
  59. 취미
    hobby (Sports)
  60. 특징
    distinctive feature characteristic (Sports)
  61. 패하다
    to lose be defeated (Sports)
  62. 포기하다
    to give up (Sports)
  63. 프로 야구
    pro baseball (Sports)
  64. 피로하다
    to be tired (Sports)
  65. 한국인
    Korean (people) (Sports)
  66. 한인
    Korean (people) (Sports)
  67. 현대인
    contemporaries (Sports)
  68. 화제
    topic (subject) of conversation topics (Sports)
  69. 훌륭하다
    to be splendid be magnificent (Sports)
  70. 휴일
    holiday (Sports)
  71. (이)나
    or (Sports)
  72. -게
    -ly (adverbial suffix) (Sports)
  73. -계
    group party line (Sports)
  74. -봉
    top peak (of a mountain) (Sports)
  75. -회
    inning (Sports)
  76. 1위
    first place (Sports)
  77. 2승 1패
    two victories and one defeat (Sports)
  78. 3대1
    three to one (Sports)
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