1. 갈아타다
    to transfer change (trains planes etc.) (Travel)
  2. 개설하다
    to open (Travel)
  3. 개통되다
    to be opened (to traffic) (Travel)
  4. 객차
    passenger car (train) (Travel)
  5. 경유로
    via (Travel)
  6. 경유하다
    to pass through go by way of (Travel)
  7. 계곡
    valley (Travel)
  8. 관광하다
    to sightsee (Travel)
  9. 교통망
    traffic network (Travel)
  10. 근교
    suburbs outskirts (Travel)
  11. 기분 전환
    diversion pastime recreation (Travel)
  12. 기차표
    train ticket (Travel)
  13. 노선
    route course line (Travel)
  14. 논스톱
    non-stop (Travel)
  15. 늘리다
    to increase (Travel)
  16. 다양성
    variety (Travel)
  17. 단풍
    tinted autumnal leaves (Travel)
  18. 대중
    general public (Travel)
  19. 대한 항공
    Korean Airlines (Travel)
  20. 도시
    city town (Travel)
  21. 동시에
    at the same time (Travel)
  22. 들다
    to lodge put up (at) (Travel)
  23. 등산하다
    to climb a mountain (Travel)
  24. 러시아워
    rush hours (Travel)
  25. 배치하다
    to arrange deploy post (Travel)
  26. 복잡하다
    to be complicated be complex (Travel)
  27. 부풀다
    to be inflated be buoyant (Travel)
  28. 설치하다
    to establish institute (Travel)
  29. 세부 사항
    details (Travel)
  30. 손님
    guest customer (Travel)
  31. 수단
    means measure (Travel)
  32. 수송하다
    to transport (Travel)
  33. 수영
    swimming (Travel)
  34. 숙박
    lodging (Travel)
  35. 승차권
    passenger ticket (Travel)
  36. 시설
    facilities (Travel)
  37. 안내소
    information desk (booth) (Travel)
  38. 안내하다
    to guide (Travel)
  39. 야영장
    camp ground (Travel)
  40. 업무
    business service duty (Travel)
  41. yen (Japanese currency) (Travel)
  42. 여행하다
    to travel make a trip (Travel)
  43. 예약하다
    to make a reservation (Travel)
  44. 요금
    fare charge fee rate (Travel)
  45. 원하다
    to desire wish want (Travel)
  46. 위치
    location position place (Travel)
  47. 이용하다
    to use utilize (Travel)
  48. 이유
    reason (Travel)
  49. 인원
    number of persons personnel (Travel)
  50. 입구
    entrance (Travel)
  51. 자연 보호
    conservation of nature (Travel)
  52. 자전거
    bicycle (Travel)
  53. 정기 노선
    regular line (of flight or passenger ship) (Travel)
  54. 정기 항로
    regular line (of flight or passenger ship) (Travel)
  55. 정비하다
    put in good order readjust (Travel)
  56. 종점
    terminal station (Travel)
  57. week (Travel)
  58. 주로
    mainly generally (Travel)
  59. 중간
    middle midway (Travel)
  60. 지하철
    subway underground railway (Travel)
  61. 직원
    employee; staff (Travel)
  62. 진달래
    azalea (Travel)
  63. 철도
    railroad (Travel)
  64. 최근
    the most recent (Travel)
  65. 특히
    especially (Travel)
  66. 평균
    average (Travel)
  67. 폭포
    waterfall (Travel)
  68. 피서
    getting away from the heat of town summering (Travel)
  69. 합의하다
    to agree (Travel)
  70. 항공사
    airline (company) (Travel)
  71. 해변
    seashore seaside beach (Travel)
  72. 해외
    overseas (Travel)
  73. 휴가철
    vacation season (Travel)
  74. -과/와
    and (Travel)
  75. -기 때문이다
    It is because - (Travel)
  76. -난
    hardship in - (Travel)
  77. -에 의하면
    according to - (Travel)
  78. -호선
    line route (of subway railroad etc.) (Travel)
  79. -회
    time (as in three times a day) (Travel)
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