1. 강수량
    (amount of) precipitation (Weather)
  2. 강우
    precipitation (Weather)
  3. 개다
    to clear up (weather) (Weather)
  4. 건조하다
    to be dry (Weather)
  5. 경보
    warning alarm (Weather)
  6. 계속하다
    to continue (Weather)
  7. 고기압
    high atmospheric pressure (Weather)
  8. 공기
    air (Weather)
  9. 구름
    cloud (Weather)
  10. 그러나
    but (Weather)
  11. 기상도
    weather chart (map) (Weather)
  12. 기상청
    Meteorological Office (Weather)
  13. 기압골
    trough of low atmospheric pressure (Weather)
  14. 기온
    temperature (Weather)
  15. 깊다
    to be deep (Weather)
  16. 끼다
    (fog cloud smoke) to gather become foggy (Weather)
  17. 내륙
    inland (Weather)
  18. 내리다
    to pronounce issue; get off; pull down; fall (Weather)
  19. 내외
    about or so (Weather)
  20. 높다
    to be high (up) (Weather)
  21. snow (Weather)
  22. 다소
    somewhat more or less (Weather)
  23. 대체로
    generally for the most part (Weather)
  24. degree (as a measuring unit) (Weather)
  25. 동해
    the East Sea the Sea of Japan (Weather)
  26. 따뜻하다
    to be warm (Weather)
  27. 뜨다
    to rise; take off (Weather)
  28. 맑다
    to be clear (Weather)
  29. 며칠
    several days (Weather)
  30. 물결
    wave (Weather)
  31. 물러가다
    to retreat (Weather)
  32. 바람
    wind (Weather)
  33. 밤낮 없이
    day and night continuously without stopping (Weather)
  34. 북동풍
    northeast wind (Weather)
  35. 불다
    to blow (wind) (Weather)
  36. rain (Weather)
  37. 세게
    strongly (Weather)
  38. 소나기
    shower passing rain (Weather)
  39. 시계
    visibility field of vision; watch (Weather)
  40. 신정 연휴
    New Year's holidays (Weather)
  41. 쌀쌀하다
    to be chilly (Weather)
  42. 안개
    fog (Weather)
  43. 약간
    a little (Weather)
  44. 영상
    above zero (of weather temperature) (Weather)
  45. 영하
    below zero (mainly with temperature) (Weather)
  46. 영향
    influence effect (Weather)
  47. 예년
    ordinary year (Weather)
  48. 이르다
    to arrive reach (Weather)
  49. 일기 예보
    weather forecast (Weather)
  50. 일다
    to rise (wind wave etc.) (Weather)
  51. 일몰
    sunset (Weather)
  52. 일부
    part portion section (Weather)
  53. 일출
    sunrise (Weather)
  54. 장마 전선
    seasonal rain front (Weather)
  55. 전국
    entire country (Weather)
  56. 전국적으로
    all over the country across the nation (Weather)
  57. 제외하다
    to exclude (Weather)
  58. 주의보
    warning (Weather)
  59. 중부
    central part (Weather)
  60. 중순
    middle third (ten days) of a month (Weather)
  61. 지방
    region local area (Weather)
  62. 짙다
    to be dense thick (Weather)
  63. 차다
    to be cold (Weather)
  64. 차차
    gradually (Weather)
  65. 초속
    speed per second (Weather)
  66. 최고
    the highest the maximum (Weather)
  67. 최저
    the lowest the minimum (Weather)
  68. 추위
    cold coldness (Weather)
  69. 태풍
    typhoon (Weather)
  70. 파고
    height of wave (Weather)
  71. 폭풍우
    rainstorm (Weather)
  72. 표시하다
    to indicate (Weather)
  73. 풍속
    velocity of the wind (Weather)
  74. 풍향
    direction of the wind (Weather)
  75. 해상
    (on) the sea (Weather)
  76. 형성하다
    to form (Weather)
  77. 호우
    heavy rain (Weather)
  78. 화창하다
    bright sunny balmy (Weather)
  79. 흐리다
    to be cloudy (Weather)
  80. -고 예보했다
    (they) forecasted " - " (quotation pattern) (Weather)
  81. -초
    beginning (Weather)
  82. Verb Stem + 고 있다
    to be ...ing (progressive form) (Weather)
  83. Verb Stem + (으)면서
    while as (Weather)
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