World History Final #2 Checkpoint Questions

  1. Why did Charles V divide the Hapsburg Empire? (16.1)
    The Hapsburg empire proved to be too scattered and cumbersome for any one person to rule effectively
  2. What were Philip II's motivations for waging war on other European countries? (16.1)
    He was trying to spread Spanish Catholic Power
  3. What was the Siglo de Oro? (16.1)
    The century from 1550 to 1650 known as Spain's "golden century"
  4. What rights did the Edict of Nantes extend to Hugonots? (16.2)
    The Edict of Nantes gave Hungonots religious tolerence and other freedoms they did not previously have
  5. Why did Louis XIV choose the sun as his symbol? (16.2)
    He chose the sun because it stands in the center of the universe, just like his belief in his divine right to rule, that he was the center of his kingdom
  6. How did Louis XIV secure support from the nobility? (16.2)
    He held elaborate ceremonies every day that the nobles competed for the honor of participating in
  7. How did Louis's actions weakon France's economy? (16.2)
    He spent all his money on the wars causeing their prosperity to erode
  8. Why did Henry VIII work with Parliament? (16.3)
    He worked with Parliament to keep good realtions and to keep getting money from them
  9. What was the Petition of Right? (16.3)
    It prohibited the king from raising taxes without Parliament's consent. or from jailing anyone without legal justification
  10. What was the result of the English Civil War? (16.3)
    The Parliament put the king on trial, and condemed him to death
  11. What was the Commonwealth? (16.3)
    England as a republic, under the rule of Oliver Cromwell
  12. What was the Glorious Revolution? (16.3)
    The bloodless overthrow of James II by William and Mary
  13. What three political institutions contributed to the evolution of Britain's constitutional government? (16.3)
    The political parties, the cabinet, and the office of prime minister
  14. How did British society remain divided?
    Power was held by a few people and there was still an expanding middle class
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World History Final #2 Checkpoint Questions
World History Final #2 Checkpoint Questions