1. Gonads
    REproductive organs

    (Ovaries & Testes)
  2. Gametes
    Sex cells

    Eggs and Sperm
  3. Scrotum
    Sac like puch located outside bdy cavity

    Temp regulaion. 2 degrees less for health sperm
  4. Cremaster Muscle
    Adjusts distance of testes from body.
  5. Gubernaculum Testes
    Anchors testes to scrotum
  6. Descent of testes
    Testes orginate in abdominopelvic cavity (By kidneys)

    Gubernaculum testes

    • Testes are drawn down through abdominal wall (Inguinal canal
    • -Vessels nerves and ducts follow
    • - part of abdominal walll becmes part of scrtum

    • Takes part of the wall with it
    • - Cremaster muscle =internal oblique
  7. Cryptorchidism
    Hidden testes

    Testes do not descend by birth

    Mainly in preemies

    80% descend spntaneusly by 1 yr
  8. Seminiferous Tubules
    1/2 mile long
  9. Testes
    Seminiferous Tubules (sperm production)

    Sustentacular Cells (aka nurse cells)

    Interstitial cells ( between tubules)
  10. Spermatogenesis
    Sperm Production
  11. Sustentacular Cells
    aka nurse cells

    • -Nurish and protect sperm
    • -Form "blood-sperm-barrier"
  12. Interstitial Cells
    Between tubules (secrete testosterone)

    • - Secondary sex characteristics
    • - Aid in sperm production
  13. What enlarges and divides at puberty
    Seminiferous tubules

    Interstitial Cells
  14. Epididymis
    • Tube on top and back of testes
    • ABOUT 23 FT LONG

    Sperm stored for 2 wks

    Sperm Cant move (PSCC & peristaltic movement)

    REcycling center (If not ejaculated)
  15. Maturation of sperm occurs in
  16. Ductus Deferens
    16-18 inches long

    Ascends tgrough inguinal canal within spermatic cord

    Travels up & over to back of urinary bladder

    Lumen enlarges to form ampulla

    Empties into
    ejaculatory duct (in prostate)

    Sperm cant move (PSCC & peristaltic movement
  17. Vasectomy
    Cut anf tie off section of ductus defferens to prevent preganacy
  18. Urethra
    3 regions
    • Prostatic Urethra
    • Membranous Urethra
    • Spongy ( Penile) Uretha
  19. Prstatic Urethra
    Through prostate
  20. Membranous Urethra
    Through external urethral sphincer
  21. Spongy Urethra
    Through erectile tissue of penis
  22. Tubules of male reproductive path:
    • Seminiferous tubules
    • Eididymis
    • Ductus deferens
    • Ejaculatory duct

    (prostatic -> Membranous -> Spongy) urethra

  23. Male Accessory Sex organs
    Add secretions to sperm to form organs
  24. Seminal Vesicles
    Makes 60% of semen

    Fructose for energy

    Fibrinogento CLOT semen

    Alkaline to neutralize vaginal secretions

    Ptostoglandins- Reverse peristaltic contractions w/in uterus & tubes.
  25. Prostoglandins
    Reverse pristaltic contractions within uterus & tubes
  26. Seminalplasmin
    Antibiotic like to prevent UTI's
  27. Prostate
    Makes 20-30& of sperm

    Seminalplasmin- ANTIBIOTIC

    Milkt alkaline secretion
  28. Enlafged Prostate
    BEgins to enlarge after 40 yrs

    Tightens around urethra
  29. Bulbourethral Glands
    Clear mucus secretion

    Pre-ejaculate (lubricate glans)

    Alkaline to neutralize the urethra of urine
  30. Spongy Urethra
    Runs down the middle of corpus spongiosum
  31. Glans Penis
    Covered with PREPUCE foreskin
  32. In Penis
    Arteries & Veins
    Arteries run through erectile tissue

    Veins run along dorsal surface
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