Bobby's Random Notes XXXIII

  1. This guy fought against Sumanguru to found his empire
    Sundiata Kieta
  2. This man succeeded George Clinton as governor of New York
    John Jay
  3. Sir John Oldcastle was tried as a member of this movement
  4. This Minnesota senator ran for the presidency in 1968 on an anti-Vietnam platform
    Eugene McCarthy
  5. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the largest city in this country
  6. The Hola Massacre occurred during this event
    Mau Mau Revolt
  7. The Lari Massacre occurred during this event
    Mau Mau Revolt
  8. Sir Evelyn Baring was the governor during this event
    Mau Mau Revolt
  9. Operation Anvil was carried out during this event
    Mau Mau Revolt
  10. The Swynnerton Program was one reaction to this event
    Mau Mau Revolt
  11. This country occupies Swain's Island
  12. This psychologist wrote about "Useful Types" and other kinds of types
    Alfred Adler
  13. This general executed Exercise Tiger
    General Montgomery
  14. This guy was the senator of South Carolina for 40 years
    Fritz Hollings
  15. Khlongs are canals in this city
  16. Menachem Begin succeeded this man as PM of Israel
    Yitzhak Rabin
  17. This place was once known as Mount Tariq
  18. This Confederate lost limbs at Gettysburg and Chickamauga
    John Bell Hood
  19. This PM reduced the power of the House of Lords
    HH Asquith
  20. This empire won the Battle of Edessa
    Sassanid Empire
  21. This empire lost the Battle of Qadisiyyah
    Sassanid Empire
  22. Shapur I was one major ruler of this empire
    Sassanid Empire
  23. The Cascajal Block contains writings from this civilization
  24. Savai'i and Upolu are the two main islands in this country
  25. This city is on the southern tip of the Continental US
  26. This king was known as the "King of Anshan"
    Cyrus the Great
  27. This emperor won the Battle of Pteria
    Cyrus the Great
  28. This document was called the Big Sister Policy
    Monroe Doctrine
  29. This Congressman questioned Anita Hill
    Arlen Specter
  30. This czar captured Astrakhan and the Volga area
    Ivan the Terrible
  31. This senator was investigated by the Tidings Committee
    Joseph McCarthy
  32. This senator gave the Conscience Speech
    Joseph McCarthy
  33. This senator was succeeded by William Proxmire
    Joseph McCarthy
  34. Mehrgarh was a city in this civilization
    Indus Valley Civilization
  35. The Battle of Quiberon Bay occurred during this war
    Seven Years War
  36. This war occurred after the Diplomatic Revolution
    Seven Years War
  37. This king dealt with the Exclusion Crisis
    James II
  38. Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed this island for England
  39. This thinker wrote about the "Actualizing Tendency"
    Carl Rogers
  40. Ben Jealous is the current president of this organization
  41. This mountain was known as the Six Grandfathers
    Mount Rushmore
  42. This mountain was known as Cougar Mountain
    Mount Rushmore
  43. This island was known as the Vedda People
    Sri Lanka
  44. Carter Harrison and Big Bill Thompson were mayors of this city
  45. This group signed a secret pact with Napoleon III at Plombiers
  46. This city lies on the Bow and Elbow Rivers
  47. This ruler gave the Kanuns Law Code
    Suleiman the Magnificent
  48. This leader led a raid on Fort Saint Jean
    Benedict Arnold
  49. Li, Ren, and De are central to this religion
  50. Squaw Valley is located near this lake
    Lake Tahoe
  51. This future president was present at the Alger Hiss trials
  52. Pyramid Lake can be found in this state
  53. The Shoshone Mountains lie in this state
  54. This leader led the Fifth Republic Movement
    Hugo Chavez
  55. The Gariep Dam lies on this river
    Orange River
  56. The Battle of Mars-La-Tour occurred during this war
    Franco-Prussian War
  57. Lon Nol was a leader of this country
  58. The Kanu Party can be found in this country
  59. Paryushana is a major festival in this religion
  60. This country owns the Chatham Islands
    New Zealand
  61. This country owns the Karmadec Islands
    New Zealand
  62. This guy met with FDR and Winston Churchill at the Cairo Conference
    Chiang Kai-Shek
  63. This lake is connected to the sea by the Tablazo Strait
    Lake Maracaibo
  64. This independence leader captured Cundinamarca
    Simon Bolivar
  65. This future president defended Fort Harrison
    Zachary Taylor
  66. This ruler won the Battle of Gqokli Hill
    Shaka Zulu
  67. The Hay and Taltson Rivers flow into this lake
    Great Slave Lake
  68. The city of Reliance lies on this lake
    Great Slave Lake
  69. Missouri v Seibert dealt with this landmark Supreme Court case
    Miranda v Arizona
  70. This ruler won the Battle of Crocus Field
    Philip II
  71. Pahul is the ceremony of baptism in this religion
  72. The Battle of Chemulpo Bay occurred during this war
    Russo-Japanese War
  73. This explorer discovered the Boyoma Falls
    Henry Morton Stanley
  74. William Jardine smuggled drugs during this war
    Opium Wars
  75. The Battle of Red Cliffs took place on this river
    Yangtze River
  76. This man was Harry Truman's VP
    Alben Barkley
  77. This PM worked as a war correspondent in Sudan and Cuba
    Winston Churchill
  78. This ruler besieged Osaka
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
  79. Lake No can be found in this country
    South Sudan
  80. This peninsula is occupied by Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland
    Delmarva Peninsula
  81. This president authorized the Mexican Repatriation program
    Herbert Hoover
  82. A case in the Montana Supreme Court will decide on the legitimacy of this landmark case
    Citizens United v US
  83. This valley is a Republican, poor valley in California
    San Joaquin Valley
  84. George Washington Steele was the first governor of this territory
  85. This religion's history is partially recorded in the Blue Cliff Record
  86. This thinker formulated the Law of Progress
    Auguste Comte
  87. Jose Napoleon Duarte was the president of this country
    El Salvador
  88. This PM served as Minister of Health under two PMs
    Neville Chamberlain
  89. The widest naturally occurring portion of this lake is Lake Pepin
    Mississippi River
  90. This president appointed Louis Brandeis
    Woodrow Wilson
  91. This man was the longest-serving judge in Supreme Court history
    William O Douglas
  92. "Ordinances" are sacraments in this religion
  93. This ruler won the Battle of Vincy
    Charles Martel
  94. This ruler won the Battle of Ambleve
    Charles Martel
  95. This is the federal program to subsidize prescription drugs
    Medicare Part D
  96. This guy preceded Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa
    Thabo Mbeki
  97. The world's largest church can be found in this country
    Ivory Coast
  98. This man wouldn't sign the Constitution because it didn't have a Bill of Rights
    George Mason
  99. Mason and Slidell were captured during this event
    Trent Affair
  100. Cape Wolstenholme is the extreme northernmost point of this province
  101. Basra is the second-largest city in this country
  102. This leader of the Golden Horde lost to Tamerlane
  103. The Muddy River flows into this lake
    Lake Meade
  104. This ruler besieged Tyre for 13 years
  105. This thinker wrote the Book on Adler
    Soren Kierkegaard
  106. This president's vice president was William Wheeler
    Rutherford B Hayes
  107. This president vetoed the Bland-Allison Act
    Rutherford B Hayes
  108. The Han River flows through this world capitol
  109. Montpelier was the home of this president
    James Madison
  110. This party led Algeria to independence
  111. This thinker wrote about the "sick soul"
    William James
  112. The Ballah Bypass allows ships to pass through this waterway
    Suez Canal
  113. This man was Martin van Buren's vice president
    Richard Mentor Johnson
  114. This man claimed to have killed Tecumseh
    Richard Mentor Johnson
  115. This president issued the Ostend Manifesto
    Franklin Pierce
  116. This president brokered the Gadsden Purchase
    Franklin Pierce
  117. This president was accused of being in the Knights of the Golden Circle
    Franklin Pierce
  118. This dynasty saw the Red Turban Rebellion
    Yuan Dynasty
  119. The Sandhills lie in this state
  120. The Wildcat Hills lie in this state
  121. Panorama Point is the highest point in this country
  122. Orchid Island can be found in this country
  123. This king's rule was legitimized by the Letters Patent
    Henry VII
  124. This king's mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort
    Henry VII
  125. Pompeia Plotina was the wife of this emperor
  126. The Battle of Herrings dealt with the siege of this city
    Siege of Orleans
  127. This emperor was related to Drusus
  128. The Mongol Invasions occurred during this shogunate
    Kamakura Shogunate
  129. Go-Daigo was the emperor of this shogunate
    Kamakura Shogunate
  130. Fritigern was one ruler of this tribe
  131. This king beat Otto IV and King John
    Philip II
  132. Peter II of Aragon was killed during this campaign
    Albigensian Crusade
  133. Raymond VI of Toulouse was one leader of this campaign
    Albigensian Crusade
  134. This emperor's general was Narses
  135. This emperor won the Battle of Volturnus
  136. This emperor defeated Totila
  137. Nur-ad-Din has his capital at this city
  138. This king translated Consolation of Philosophy
    Alfred the Great
  139. This emperor issued the Edict of Maximum Prices
  140. This emperor won the Battle of Margus
  141. Edward I took part in this major crusade
    Ninth Crusade
  142. This king decided the Great Cause
    Edward I
  143. This king conducted the Hundred Rolls census
    Edward I
  144. El Castillo is the central structure in this ancient city
    Chichen Itza
  145. This dynasty won the Battle of Hulao
    Tang Dynasty
  146. This dynasty lost the Battle of Talas
    Tang Dynasty
  147. This leader lost the battle of Ipsus
  148. The Maumee River was central to this battle
    Battle of Fallen Timbers
  149. This revolutionary launched the Independent Advisor
    Samuel Adams
  150. This leader was killed in the Kieft's War
    Anne Hutchinson
  151. This ruler's PM was Francois Guizot
    Louis Philippe
  152. This action prompted the First Chimurenga
    Jameson Raid
  153. The Treaty of Ryswick ended this war
    War of the League of Augsburg
  154. This Russian signed the Treaty of Stolbovo
    Michael Romanov
  155. This PM helped solve the Don Pacifico Affair
    Lord Palmerston
  156. This leader quelled the Romagna Revolt
    Cesare Borgia
  157. Mikhail Bestuzhev led this revolt
    Decembrist Revolt
  158. This dynasty saw the Tummu Crisis
    Ming Dynasty
  159. This leader issue the Plan of San Luis Potosi
    Francisco Madero
  160. This ruler was denounced in the Plan of Ayala
    Francisco Madero
  161. This king threw a bible on the ground, signaling war
  162. This ruler fought against Sir Henry Bartle Frere
  163. The Day of the Barricades helped put down this rebellion
  164. This rebellion was ended by the Piece of Rueil
  165. This French government attempted to invade Ireland
  166. Gilbert's Act was a major part of this piece of legislation
    Poor Laws
  167. The Battle of Hohenfriedburg occurred during this war
    War of Austrian Succession
  168. The Battle of Kesselsdorf occurred during this war
    War of Austrian Succession
  169. The Battle of Fontenoy occurred during this war
  170. This war was called the Spam War
    Spanish-American War
  171. The USS San Jacinto was implicated in this affair
    Trent Affair
  172. The Rock Springs Massacre was related to this piece of legislation
    Chinese Exclusion Act
  173. This man was governor during the "Bloody Monday" brawl
    Huey Long
  174. This man defended Big Bill Haywood
    Clarence Darrow
  175. This Confederate Commander won the Battle of Brice's Crossroads
    Nathan Bedford Forrest
  176. This leader quelled the Regulator-Moderator War
    Sam Houston
  177. Thomas Rusk quarreled with this leader
    Sam Houston
  178. This president's Secretary of War was John B Floyd
    James Buchanan
  179. This man's money went to found the New York Public Library
    Samuel J Tilden
  180. This man's vice presidential candidate was Thomas Hendricks
    Samuel J Tilden
  181. Prescott was the capital of this territory
  182. This leader fought against the Shaba Invasions
    Mobutu Sese Seko
  183. This leader was brought down in Operation Cold Chop
    Kwame Nkrumah
  184. This leader founded the Convention People's Party
    Kwame Nkrumah
  185. The Mirabal Sisters fought against this ruler
  186. John Diefenbaker's actions helped cause this incident
    Shoe-Banging Speech
  187. This political party's headquarters were blown up in Operation Wooden leg
  188. This political party was connected to the Coastal Road Massacre
  189. This party was created at the 1946 Cairo Conference
  190. Israel and the PLO met at this set of accord
    Oslo Accords
  191. Orange Alternative was a militant arm of this union
  192. The NZS was one arm of this union
  193. Eagle Attack was an early assault in this battle
    Battle of Britain
  194. This military action was authorized by Directive 17
    Battle of Britain
  195. The US conducted Operation Nifty Package in this country
  196. This leader suppressed the Kronstadt Rebellion
    Leon Trotsky
  197. This terrorist organization was attacked in the 44 Bravo
    Tamil Tigers
  198. James Bayard was key in deciding this election
    Election of 1800
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