1. ABOUT
    Worry... about (If you worry too much about the GMAT, you'll develop an ulcer.)
  2. AS
    • Define...as (My GMAT teacher defines the conclusion as the main point of argument)
    • Regard... as (Art historians regard the Mona Lisa as one of the greatest works of art.)
    • Not so... as (He is not so much smart as cunning.)
    • So ... as to be (She is so beautiful as to be exquisite.)
    • Think of... as (Think of it more as a promise than a threat.)
    • See... as (Many people see euthanasia as an escape from pain.)
    • The same... as (Mom and Dad gave the same punishment to me as to you.)
    • As... as (Memorizing idioms is not as fun as playing bingo.)
  3. AT
    Target... at (The commercials were obviously targeted at teenage boys.)
  4. FOR
    Responsible for (You are responsible for the child.)
  5. FROM
    • Prohibit... from (He was prohibited from entering the public library after he...)
    • Different... from (Democrats are not so different from Republicans in the United States.)
  6. OVER
    Dispute over (The men had a dispute over money.)
  7. THAT
    • So... that (He was so late that he missed the main course.)
    • Hypothesis... that (The hypothesis that aspartame causes brain tumors... )
  8. TO BE
    • Believe... to be (His friends do not believe the ring he bought at the auction to be Jackie O's; they all think he was tricked.)
    • Estimate... to be (The time he has spent impersonating Elvis is estimated to be longer than the time Elvis ...)
  9. TO
    • Forbid... to (I forbid you to call me before noon.)
    • Ability... to (If you take the GMAT enough times, you might develop the ability to choose the credited responses)
    • Attribute... to (Many amusing quips are attributed to Dorothy )
    • Require ... to (Before you enter the house you are required to take off your hat)
    • Responsibility to (You have a responsibility to take care of the child)
    • Permit... to (I don't permit my children to play with knives in the living room)
    • Superior... to (My pasta sauce is far superior to my mother-in-law's)
    • Try... to (Try to stay awake during the essay section of the test)
  10. WITH
    • Credit... with (Many people credit Christopher Columbus with the discovery of America, but)
    • Associate... with (Most politicians prefer not to be associated with the Mafia)
    • Contrast... with (My father likes to contrast my grades with my brother's)
    - there is NO PREPOSITION for this. Just (Art historians consider the Mona Lisa)
    • Distinguish... from (I can't distinguish day from night)
    • Distinguish between... and (I can't distinguish between black and white)
    • Native... of (The kangaroo is native to Australia)
    • Not only... but also (She is not only beautiful, but also smart)
    • Not... but (The review was not mean-spirited but merely flippant)
    • Either... or (I must have either chocolate ice cream or carrot cake)
    • Neither... nor (She could neither leave the house nor use the phone)
    • Both... and (I choose both ice cream and cake)
    • More... than; Less... than (The dog is much more intelligent than the cat)
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