Chap 4

  1. Hemi-
  2. Quadr/i-
    Four / square
  3. Brady-
  4. A-
    no / not / without
  5. -plegia
  6. -cele
    hernia / swelling
  7. -paresis
    parcial or incomplete connection / weakness
  8. Tendon
    Muscle to bone / cartlerage
  9. Ligament
    Bone to Bone
  10. Skeletal muscle
    Attached by striated muscles by tendons
  11. Striated muscle
    muscles with hands / arms / legs voluntary / primary body heat
  12. Smoth muscle
    nonstriated / in organs / involuntary / digestive system
  13. Visceral Muscle
    Smooth muscle / organs
  14. Involuntary muscles
    under the control of the autonomic nervous system
  15. Non striated muscle
    do not have the dark and light bands that produce the striped appearance
  16. Voluntary muscle
    have conscious control over these muscles
  17. Myocardial muscle
    heart / strained / involuntary
  18. Deltoid
    Shoulder muscle / most use for muscle injections
  19. Neuromuscular
    pertaining to the relationship between nerve and muscle
  20. Contraction
    tightening of a muscle
  21. Relaxation
    whem muscle returns to its original form
  22. Flexion
    decreasing the angle between two bones by bending
  23. Extension
    increasing the angle between two bones
  24. Hyperextension
    extream or overextension of a limb or body part beyond its normal limit
  25. Sprain
    ligament tear
  26. Strain
    Tendon or muscle tear
  27. Abduction
    moving away from body
  28. Adduction
    moving toward the body
  29. Rotator cuff
    group of muscles and their tendion that hold the hand of the humerus securely in place as it rotates within the houlder join
  30. Rheumatologist
    specialist of arthrities
  31. Syndrome
    colleciton of symptoms
  32. Tax
    volentary movement
  33. Intermittent claudication
    people start walking and legs start to hurt
  34. Chronic fatigue syndrome
    A disorder of unknown cause that affects many body systems. Similar to fibromyalgia syndrome
  35. Heel spur
    calcium deposit in the plantar fascia near its attachment to the clacaneus (heel) bone that can be one of causes of plantar fasciitis.
  36. Fibromyalgia syndrome
    Debilitating chronic condition characterized by fatigue, diffuse and/or specific muscles, joint, or bone pain.
  37. Carpal tunnel syndrome
    tendons that pass though the carpal tunnel are chronically overused and become inflamed and swollen.
  38. Plantar fasciitis
    Inflammation of the plantar fascia on the sole of the foot.
  39. ROM
    Range of motion
  40. PT
    physical theropy
  41. OT
    occupation theropy - rehabilitation
  42. RICE
    • Rest
    • Ice
    • Compression
    • Elevation
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